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• 3/2/2017

Equipment Layout

So, the initial paste just has the legendary equipment that was taken from Reddit.

I'd like to propose things be sorted by rarity, and not 'legendary status'. Whether descending or ascending (starting with 5 star or 1 star) equipment rarity, it just sorts better because legendary equipment is a smattering of different rarities, and since rarity determines how much you can level equipment up (and thus improve its stats) it is a better benchmark for potential across most cases.

Thought it would also be helpful as a stretch goal to list upgrade materials for all equipment able to be upgraded, as well as what it upgrades into. (a link to an anchor that takes you to the new item). Initial and maximum stats, links to the skills page for skills that will take you directly to each skill...

I'm happy to do most of the legwork on this, but I didn't want to go ahead if someone else was just going to tear it all down because they had something else in mind.
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• 3/9/2017
I was going to try and make a universal because you can configure some data to be hidden if empty so if some weapon add to defense or speed, we wouldn't need to create a new infobox.
• 3/10/2017
I was looking at my weapons list and yours and we match, I think there is nothing missing so far.

I was sorting the weapons by category and it is almost obvious (to me at least) that there is a "Rod/Staves" type, followed by "Others" So we have this: Swords -> Katanas ->Spears -> Axes->Hammers->Whips->Staves/Rods->Others.

Notice the rarity starts decreasing everytime the type changes when sorted by category.

PS. When I talked about a single template I was referring about the infobox (making one flexible to be used for every equipment) as some defense items alters ATK like the pirate hook. The page itself would be similarly by no need to be identical
• 3/12/2017

It could still use a little fiddling with, but for the most part, it's ready for feedback.


Using that, it would make a lot of the equipment pages pretty uniform, plus much easier to copy/paste. Things that should be links should be links automagically. Have a poke and let me know your thoughts. Having the upgrades to/from in the infobox and the body feels very ... duplicate. Maybe not include it in the infobox? Or not in the body?

It's in use on http://dandydungeon.wikia.com/wiki/Wooden_Sword
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• 3/13/2017
I didn't have much time to mess with actual pages but I'm recompiling and rechecking stuff on my free time.

There are 117 total weapons (some are missing from the weapons page) + the Mamazon Spear (and the legendary form) that I don't think can be gotten currently as everyone seemed to get the armor from the last event. Every equipment has 5 parameters: attack, defense, speed, accuracy and critical rate. Critical rate and accuracy can't be checked for values but you can check speed by clicking on Yamada's character at the top of the equip screen, every weapon penalizes the speed status for a certain ammount.

The upgrades to/from can go in the infobox because in the main page the visitor can check the materials needed.
• 3/13/2017
Does the speed change as you level an item up? Do you think the accuracy or crit change as an item levels?
• 3/13/2017
I tested very few weapons and the speed seems to be fixed. I think it is the same with crit and acc but I have no idea how to test for those.
• 3/15/2017
Hey guys, I've got a lot of stuff put together already from a fair bit of research, translating, and table building. I can share sheets if someone can throw the data into the wikia (Liuciferin).
• 3/15/2017
Hello Liuciferin, I can do it, share in a google docs sheet, I'm finishing setting up a local wiki on my machine to test stuff before uploading ,so when it goes up, we won't need to redo work on every page.
• 3/16/2017
Dropped it on the other forum because traffic there is higher for more feedback and so it's easier for me to get notifications on replies. Let me know if there's something particular you want to see.
• 3/17/2017
Updated the doc with a new weapon table
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