Beast Hide
Beast Hide2
Rarity ★★
Type Material
Sell Gold 60
Thick & Stiff.
Use to upgrade equipment
- Inventory Info

Where to Find Edit

Monster DropsEdit

Monster Normal Drop RC Drop
Construction Goblin X X
Construction Goblin Leader X X
Construction Rider X X
Crocodile Joe X X
Dandydile X X
Dark Owl X X
Darn Pig X X
Dragon Rider X X
General Goblin X X
Ghost Cat (Black) X X
Ghost Cat (White) X X
Ghost Cat (Calico) X X
Ghost Cat Boss X X
Goblin X X
Goblin Archer X X
Goblin King X X
Goblin Rider X X
Hobgoblin X X
Hobgoblin Archer X X
Loitering Goblin X X
Panther Tarou X X
Pig Chef X X
Pompadoblin X X
Studious Goblin X X
Tractor Goblin X X

Dungeon LootEdit

Dungeon Chest
Fort Goblin Silver
Goblin House Gold
TycoonTower of Cairo Gold
TycoonTower of London Gold
TycoonTower of NYC Gold
TycoonTower of Paris Gold
TycoonTower of Tokyo Gold

Used InEdit

Equipment Type Qty
Beast Whip*^ Weapon 1
Legendary Cat Claw Weapon 1
Legendary Shinai Weapon 2
Godfather Hat Armor 2
Godfather Suit Armor 2
Heck Queen Glasses Armor 1

*Duplicate copy required for final upgrade ^Evolution can be obtained through other means. See respective equipment page for more information.

See AlsoEdit

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