Blockbuster Scroll
Blockbuster Scroll
Rarity ★★★★
Type Spell
Effect Wall-breaker
Turn 14, 15, 17, 21, 27, 34, 43
Buy Gold 39800
Sell Gold 50

This scroll breaks down walls, as well as slightly damages all enemies.


Makes a little earthquake Breaks all the walls on a floor!


Completely destroys and removes all walls from the map. Doing so does non-guaranteed (can be missed) small damage to all enemies on the map.

Where to Find Edit

Dungeon LootEdit

Dungeon Chest
Yamada's Woods (Randomly on floor)

Hungry QuestersEdit

Dungeon Chest
Forest of Everything Gold

Tips & Usage Edit

Perfect ClearsEdit

Particularly useful to get Gold Trophy on Chairman's Tower, Tokugawa Cave, House of Dolls and the occasional level in Demon Lord Castle where some tiles on the map are enclosed by walls.


Some bosses have half the floor inaccessible and thus open to monster spawns. These additional spawns can sometimes whittle the Hero's HP with additional damage during the boss fight. The use of a Blockbuster Scroll at the start of the floor can help clear these tiles before approaching the boss, and thus reduce additional damages taken from these monsters. Some dungeons with such bosses include:

Used In Edit

Equipment Type Qty
Legendary King Yamada's Scepter Weapon 1


  • Its broken form is named "Wall Breaker Scroll" instead of "Blockbuster Scroll".

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