There are five main storyline bosses in Dandy Dungeon 1 who are fought as the story progresses. All of them level up and become progressively more difficult to take down as they are defeated. These bosses are also explained in the game to make up the family of Ayanokoji, Yamada's ex-boss.

In Dandy Dungeon 2, all bosses except Tokyo Station's level up similarly. However, most of the stations' bosses do not have specific equipment drops like those in the first arc. Instead, as equipment unique to each station are dropped as chests which can be found normally in the dungeons themselves, there is thus less grinding and repeated battling involved in this arc.

Currently, there is only one side storyline available - Sato's Story. This expansion is only available through IAP, specifically Sato's Quest Box .

There are also several other bosses from the storyline dungeons and dungeon spells.

Storyline BossesEdit

  • Chairman's Decoy - The first boss!
  • Komebitsu, The Eldest Daughter - Master of forest creatures...and pigs!
  • Masamune, Big Samurai Boss - A 2-form samurai-type boss. 
  • Baibai , The Doctor - Crude, but not without style.
  • Ayanokoji, The Chairman - The final storyline challenge!

Golden Pyramid BossesEdit

Yamanote Line BossesEdit

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Event BossesEdit

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For an overview of specific builds and counters, refer to this spreadsheet under the "Dungeon Build" sheets.