This is the base category for templates. Templates should be placed in appropriate subcategories.


  • Want to start a new article page?
    -> scroll down to Page Templates
  • Want to use that shiny icon like Gold or Tb?
    -> scroll down to Icons in Use
  • Or perhaps create a new Infobox or Navbox for a certain class or category?
    -> scroll down to Templates in Use

You're in the right place.
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Icons in UseEdit

Under Source Code, type the syntax to have the respective icon reflected on the page.

Icon Syntax Description
Clovercur {{HC}} Happy Clover - Currency
Gold {{Gold}} Gold - Currency
RockCur {{Rock}} Rock - Currency
One Million Score {{OMS}} One Million Score - Currency
Tb {{TB}} Turtle Badge

Templates in UseEdit

Under Source Code, type the syntax to have the respective Infobox/Navbox reflected on the page.

Template Syntax Type Description
Template:Ci {{Ci}} Navbox For Consumable Items
Template:Mats {{Mats}} Navbox For Materials
Template:MonType {{MonType}} Navbox For Monster Types without having to expand the longer list
Template:Wep {{Wep}} Navbox For Weapons
Template:WepType {{WepType}} Navbox For Weapons without having to expand the longer list
Template:Infobox Character2 {{Infobox Character2}} Infobox For Characters, NPCs and Monsters alike.
Template:Infobox Equipment {{Infobox Equipment}} Infobox For Weapons, Shields and Dandy Collection.
Template:Infobox Item {{Infobox Item}} Infobox For Materials and Consumable Items.
Template:Infobox Dungeon2 {{Infobox Dungeon2}} Infobox For Dungeons.

Page TemplatesEdit

  1. Copy the syntax from within these pages.
  2. Click a red link to an article (one that doesn't yet exist)
    1. Create a new article page (add a new page icon on the top left next to total number of pages).
    2. Type in your article name
  3. Change from Visual -> Source Editor tab on top left
    (or the drop down arrow next to three horizontal lines -> Source editor if you have created a new page)
  4. Paste the copied syntax from Step #1
  5. Edit the relevant details. Leave out what shouldn't be there.
  6. Publish

Don't worry about the formatting, I'll swing by once in a while for edits :)

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Template Description
Template:Item2 For materials and consumables.
Template:Shield For shields.
Template:Character For characters and monsters.
Template:Dungeon For dungeons.

Alternate TableEdit

Material Qty
Yamanote Sword Stone
Yamanote Sword Stone 1
Yamanote Axe Stone
Yamanote Axe Stone 1
Premium Spear Ore
Premium Spear Ore 1
Premium Axe Ore
Premium Axe Ore 1
Premium Sword Ore
Premium Sword Ore 1