Chairman Ayanokoji
Chairman Ayanokoji real
Character Profile
Race Human
Gender Male
Location Demon Lord Castle
Occupation Chairman of Empire Games Company
Affiliation Ayanokoji Family
Chairman's Decoy
Flying Ayanokoji (Alternate form)
Type 1 Mage(type)
Type 2 None
250 14 3 6
Battle Info
Abilities Get over here
Weak to ?
Immune to ?
Main Drops Dark Ore
Premium Dark Ore
Empire Stone
Demon Lord Rod
Demon Lord Helm
Demon Lord Robe
Other Drops ?
Chairman of Empire Games. Also, an ice and thunder sorcerer




Before battingEdit

Chairman Ayanokoji: have met x times here. Just...let this...old man...beat you...I channel my...elderly......rage...into......unstoppable...ancient power...Come~ to~ meEe~~~!

On defeatEdit

Chairman Ayanokoji: G-heh heh heh...Help me out, young'uns

(teleports to a new room with Black Suit along the walls.

Chairman Ayanokoji: G-heh-heh heh...A human castle...My children! My blood! My meat! IT'S DINNER*TIME

(screen fades out)

Chairman Ayanokoji: GhehehehhhHh...You've been here x times before...

(Flying Ayanokoji descends]]

Flying Ayanokoji: Gheheheheheh... ...Yes, more. More! Gheheheh...!! ...Entertain me, fool!

Post defeat when visitingEdit

Post defeat when visiting (DD2)Edit

Ayanokoji: YA~~MA~~DA~~

(Ayanokoji enters)

Ayanokoji: Yamada, you punk! My daughter is still missing!! You better find her, you worm! Get out there and be a man! You vonce!

Yamada: Arabesque!

In BattleEdit

Normal Attack StyleEdit

Type: Melee
Range: 1 tile
Hostility: Not unless confronted


Get over hereEdit





Where to FindEdit


Item Boss Drop RC Drop
Dark Ore X
Premium Dark Ore X
Empire Stone X
Demon Lord Rod X
Demon Lord Helm X
Demon Lord Robe X

Dark Solid TowerEdit

Item Boss Drop RC Drop
Shadow Warrior Stone X


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