Most consumable items can be purchased in-game via shops. However, these items are only available once the item has been found and added to your inventory from a dungeon at least once. There are a few exceptions to these:

Recovery ItemsEdit

Rarity Name Effect Description
Antidote Detox Heals poison.
Candy Bag
Candy Bag Heal Candy on the go
Recovers 10 HP.
Grilled Pork
Grilled Pork Heal Crispy and tasty
Recovers 20 HP.
Grilled Rice Ball
Grilled Rice Ball Heal Nicely grilled. Recovers 25 HP.
Medicine Heal Tastes exactly like it looks.
Recovers 20 HP.
Chocolate Candies
Chocolate Candies Heal Sweet brown candy.
Recovers 10 HP.
Sweet Potato
Sweet Potato Heal Piping hot tasty tuber
Recover 25 HP.
Can of Beer
Can of Beer Heal Favorite alcoholic beverage of thirsty people.
Recovers 35 HP -- however--
Chocolate Cream Cookies
Chocolate Cream Cookies Tasty Heal Sweet and crunchy. Short turn cycle!
Recovers 10 HP
Chocolate Heart
Chocolate Heart Heal Shaped exactly like love itself.
Recovers 30HP.
Christmas Cake
Christmas Cake Heal Gorgeous and strawberryful.
Restores 30HP.
Delicious Milk
Delicious Milk Heal Best drink after a bath.
Recovers HP and heals burns!</td>
Eyedrops Dark Cure Heals darkness.
Heals a little HP, too.
Lucky Fish
Lucky Fish Heal Lucky & tasty! Restores 50 HP.
Rice Cake
Rice Cake Heal A gorgeous rice cake.
Recovers HP every turn for a while.
Sugar Heal Perks you up!
Recovers 30 HP ...however--
Golden Lucky Fish
Golden Lucky Fish Heal Golden lucky charm.
Recovers 70 HP.
Hard Candy
Hard Candy Tasty Heal Sweet and cute. Short turn cycle!
Recovers 10 HP.
Raw Sugar
Raw Sugar Heal The premium stuff.
Recovers 50 HP . . . however--


Rarity Name Effect Description
Banana Boomerang
Banana Boomerang Physical attack Hits all enemies in a column twice!
Also does Holy damage!
Boomerang Physical attack Hits all enemies in a column twice!
Quite accurate!
Bug Spray
Bug Spray Anti-insect attack Super-effective at bug killing
Almost never misses!
Lamp Handy Lights your surroundiings
Now you're not afraid!
Ratbag Handy Disarm Literally a bag full of rats.Releasse the rats
to break traps.Does tiny damge to enemies.
Dynamite Physical attack Explosion damages surroundings
Barriers can't deflect it!
Fortune Beans
Fortune Beans Physical Attack Demons hate tehse beans!
Big damage to boss-type enemies!
Magnet Handy Pulls in enemies and treasures
from afar! (Not through walls)
Critical Grass
Critical Grass Handy Always land critical attacks with this item!
Fever Bell
Fever Bell Warp Magic Looks expensive!
If it's used in Onion Hotel...
Gameko Statue
Gameko Statue Summon Magic The Turtle Bath's own Gameko appears!
Eradicates enemies!
Turtle Badge bonus!
Level Upple
Level Upple Handy This rare fruit levels you up~
Shrinker Shrink Makes you smaller for max evade!
If already small, it restores you.
Trouble Gum
Trouble Gum Handy Your attacks are more accurate!
Stays active a long time!
Miracle Pot
Miracle Pot Treasure get A miracle occurs!
All enemies will drop (good) treasure!
Pako Scroll
Pako Handy Access and store items midway through a dungeon (Never breaks)
Red Castanets
Red Castanets Handy Steals treasure from enemies!
What he steals is up to you!
Water Bucket
Water Bucket Level down Makes all enemies Level 1
Decreases enemies' damage as well!


Rarity Name Effect Description
Blockade Scroll
Blockade Scroll Physical Barrier Activates a hard barrier
Blocks physical attacks for 3 turns!
Brute Force Scroll
Brute Force Scroll ATK up You'll go berserk!
ATK will rise!
Darkness Scroll
Darkness Scroll Darkness Call forth absolute darkness
Enemy attacks will miss!
Falcon Scroll
Falcon Scroll Falcon magic Channel the falcon!
Critical hit and SPD up!
Fire Scroll
Fire Scroll Magic Attack Shoot fireballs!
Damages 1 nearby enemy
Ice Scroll
Ice Scroll Magic Attack Shoot an iceball
Damages 1 nearby enemy
Magic Barrier Scroll
Magic Barrier Scroll Reflects magic Cast a special barrier
Reflects magic temporarily!
Poison Scroll
Poison Scroll Poison magic Summons a poisonous mist
Damages all enemies over time
Sleep Scroll
Sleep Scroll Sleep Magic Lull enemies to sleep
All enemies will be inactive!
Thunder Scroll
Thunder Scroll Magic Attack Shoot lightning
Damages 1 nearby enemy
Heal Scroll
Heal Scroll Heal magic Green magical starbursts
Recover 25 HP
Ice-All Scroll
Ice-All Scroll Magic Attack Summon a freezing snowstorm!
Freezes and damages enemies!
Metal Scroll
Metal Scroll Become metal Make your body metal
Blocks all attacks temporarily!
Morph Scroll
Morph Scroll Morph magic Transform into a nearby monster
Now you can avoid battles!
Thunderall Scroll
Thunderall Scroll Magic Attack Rain violent lightning!
Damages all enemies!
Blockbuster Scroll
Blockbuster Scroll Wall-breaker Makes a little earthquake
Breaks all the walls on a floor!
Momoze Scroll
Momoze Scroll Summon magic Summon High Priest Momoze
Damages enemies in middle 3 columns!
Ruurarara Scroll
Ruurarara Scroll Warp magic Warp to a distant desert island
Quite rare!
Travel Pako Scroll
Travel Pako Scroll Handy Stow items at your convenience
Travel size: breaks with repeated use
Exit Scroll
Exit Scroll Makes a door Summons an EXIT door; Super-rare!
Take treasure home at no risk!
Melonginus Scroll
Melonginus Scroll Summon magic Summon Melonginus, The God of War!
Cleaves all enemies in two!

Premium ScrollsEdit

Rarity Name Effect Description
First Aid Mimic
First Aid Mimic Falcon magic Summon a first-aid mimic
Heals HP and status!
Golem Power
Golem Power Power up Summon the burning Golem King! ATK goes way up! Fire damage to all enemies!
Holy Baby Elephant Scroll
Holy Baby Elephant Scroll Holy Magic Rain falls!
Holy damage on all enemies
Mister Thunders Scroll
Mister Thunders Scroll Summon magic Summon Mister Thunders!
Take a guess what his power is
Mushroom King Scroll
Mushroom King Scroll Poison magic Summon Mushroom King, the Poison Lord!
Damages and poison all enemies!
Nerberus Scroll
Nerberus Scroll Sleep magic Summon Sleep Beast Nerberus!
Even alert enemies might fall asleep!
Ribbit Circle
Ribbit Circle Heal Frogs surround you with Healing rain
Recovers 60HP!
Tonkachi Scroll
Tonkachi Scroll Barrier Break Summon Tonkachi*, The Destructor!
Damage all; break barriers
(*"Tonkachi" means "Hammer")
Turtle Scroll
Turtle Scroll Physical Barrier Summon a turtle!! Casts a super-hard
barrier Nullifies 6 physical attacks. Nice!
Violence Scroll
Violence Scroll Physical Attack Summon some rowdy dudes Look, these are not
nice guys Everyone gets damage

Top Secret FilesEdit

Rarity Name Effect Description
Top Secret File 01
Top Secret File #1 ATK up ~Shallot lunch box ingredient list~
Bless you with power; however has dangerous side effects
Top Secret File 02
Top Secret File #2 ATK up Photo of Maria-chan and the Man In Green from behind
Top Secret File 03
Top Secret File #3 ATK up ~Dark Solid Organizational Structure~
Confirmation of CEO and "The Four"
Top Secret File 04
Top Secret File #4 ATK up ~Tatari, the programming witch~
Master of witchcraft and magic
Top Secret File 05
Top Secret File #5 ATK up ~Doburoku, head of sales department~
Mysterious vacuum-cleaner salesman
Top Secret File 06
Top Secret File #6 ATK up ~Namazunda, the Earthquake Programmer~
Dangerous suspect who controls earthquakes
Top Secret File 07
Top Secret File #7 ATK up ~Human Augmentation Chief PuuSuuYa~
New hire with a bright future
Top Secret File 08
Top Secret File #8 ATK up ~Mysterious wedding invitation~
Stolen from Dark Solid management. It's mysterious.
Top Secret File 09
Top Secret File #9 ATK up ~Mysterious Subway Project~
They're strengthening railroads around Tokyo Station
Top Secret File 10
Top Secret File #10 ATK up ~Demon Train Schematics~ from Dark Solid
A weapon with serious destructive power
Recovery Items

Antidote - Can of Beer - Candy Bag - Chocolate Candies - Chocolate Cream Cookies - Chocolate Heart - Christmas Cake - Delicious Milk - Eyedrops - Grilled Pork - Grilled Rice Ball - Hard Candy - Lucky Fish - Medicine - Raw Sugar - Rice Cake - Sugar - Sweet Potato


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Premium Spells

First Aid Mimic - Golem Power - Holy Baby Elephant Scroll - Mister Thunders Scroll - Mushroom King Scroll - Nerberus Scroll - Ribbit Circle - Tonkachi Scroll - Turtle Scroll - Violence Scroll

Top Secret Files

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