As the game progresses, the player would notice several pieces of armor fit a common theme. Dandy Collection Sets are formed when certain combinations of such similar themed armor pieces are equipped together.

Dandy Collection ShelfEdit

From Yamada's Mind, it is possible to access a shelf which archives the discovered Dandy Collection Sets. This feature shows undiscovered Dandy Collection Sets as silhouettes, which can help the player guess the appropriate armor pieces needed based on their distinguishing features.

List by StatsEdit

See List of Dandy Collection by Total Stats.

List by BonusesEdit

See List of Dandy Collection by Bonuses.

Dandy Collection RewardEdit

This reward system is only available for players who have reached a Gold Mamazon Membership. A chest would appear next to the Dandy Collection count on the top of the shelf. Based on this count, which represents the number of discovered Dandy Collection Sets, a dance sequence will unfold. An exclusive item would be rewarded to the player at the end of this dance sequence.

# Found Reward Item Name
Yamada Dandy Coin2
Yamada Dandy Coin
Yasu Dandy Coin2
Yasu Dandy Coin
Rice Ball
Maria Dandy Coin2
Maria Dandy Coin
Rice Ball
Sato Dandy Coin2
Sato Dandy Coin
Rice Ball
Suzuki Dandy Coin2
Suzuki Dandy Coin
Rice Ball
Aja Dandy Coin2
Aja Dandy Coin
Rice Ball
Bronson Dandy Coin2
Bronson Dandy Coin

Dandy Collection List Edit

View Set Name Head Body Shield Source
Iron Set
Iron Set Iron Helmet Iron Armor Iron Shield Princess Tower
Bandit Set
Barbarian Set Barbarian Helmet Barbarian Garb Skull Shield Chairman's Tower
School Uniform Set
School Uniform Set School Hat School Uniform Yamada the Wanderer
Rat School Set
Rat School Set Chu Knight Helmet School Uniform Yamada the Wanderer
Queen's Castle
Cat Student Set
Cat Student Set Nyan Knight Hat School Uniform Yamada the Wanderer
Chateau Felin
College Set
College Set Turd Hat School Uniform Yamada the Wanderer
Fungus Forest
Cow Cook Set
Cow Cook Set Minotaur Head Chef Uniform Skull Shield Yamada's Woods
Yamada the Wanderer
Chairman's Tower
Chef Set
Chef Set Chef Hat Chef Uniform Yamada the Wanderer
Nature Set
Nature Set Turd Hat Leaf Pot Lid Fungus Forest
Naked Hero Set
Naked Hero Set *Unequipped* Leaf *Unequipped* Fungus Forest
Hunter Set
Hunter Set Hunter Cap Hunter Garb Corpsewoods
Pantyman Set
Pantyman Set Panties Lady Underwear Queen's Castle
Rat Hero Set
Rat Hero Set Chu Knight Helmet Chu Knight Armor Chu Shield Queen's Castle
Golden Pyramid (Unbreakable Door)
Chu Knight Set
Chu Knight Set Chu Knight Helmet Chu Knight Armor Queen's Castle
Minotaur Set
Minotaur Set Minotaur Head Minotaur Pants Yamada's Woods
Steel Set
Steel Set Steel Helmet Steel Armor Steel Shield Yamada's Woods
Wind Set
Wind Set Wind Scarf Cape of the Wind Corpsewoods
Yamada's Woods
Foot Soldier Set
Foot Soldier Set Foot Soldier Helmet Foot Soldier Armor Local Sewer
Army Set
Army Set Camouflage Hat Camouflage Clothes Feudal Basement
Samurai Set
Samurai Set Samurai Helmet Samurai Armor Shield of Wisdom Feudal Basement
Samurai Dojo
Duck Set
Duck Set Duck Hat Duck Outfit Tokugawa Cave
Son Gokuu Set
Son Gokuu Set Son Gokuu Band Son Gokuu Wear Tokugawa Cave
Magic Knight Set
Magic Knight Set Magic Helmet Magic Armor Magic Shield Yamada Underground
Hidden Pumpkin Knight Set
Hidden Pumpkin Knight Set Pumpkin With Hat Magic Armor Pumpkin Shield Sorcery School
Yamada Underground
Pumpkin Patch
Mage Set
Mage Set Mage Hood Mage Robe Nearby Mansion
Nyan Knight Set
Nyan Knight Set Nyan Knight Hat Nyan Knight Suit Cat Food Tin Chateau Felin
Noble Set
Noble Set Noble Hat Noble Cape Noble Shield House of Dolls
Thief Set
Thief Set Thief Hood Thief Clothes House of Dolls
Chairman's Tower (Boss Drop)
Firefighter Set
Firefighter Set Firefighter Hat Firefighter Uniform Road to Demon Lord Castle: 1
Metal Set
Metal Set Metal Helm Metal Suit Road to Demon Lord Castle: 1
Road to Demon Lord Castle: 2
Empire Set
Empire Set Empire Suit Empire Bag Demon Lord Castle
Dragon Set
Dragon Set Dragon Helm Dragon Armor Dragon Shield Road to Demon Lord Castle: 1
Road to Demon Lord Castle: 2
Demon Lord Castle
Goemon Set
Goemon Set Goemon Hood Goemon Costume (Evolution) Thief Set
Queen Set
Queen Set Queen Glasses Queen's Dress Queen's Castle (Boss Drop)
Heck Queen Set
Heck Queen Set Heck Queen Glasses Heck Queen Dress (Evolution) Queen Set
Momotaro Set
Momotaro Set Momotaro Headband Momotaro Kimono Tokugawa Cave (Boss Drop)
Peach Warrior Set
Peach Warrior Set Peach Warrior Helm Peach Warrior Armor (Evolution) Momotaro Set
Priest Set
Priest Set Priest Hat Priest Robe Nearby Mansion
Chateau Felin
House of Dolls (Boss Drop)
Exorcist Set
Exorcist Set Exorcist Hat Exorcist Cape (Evolution) Priest Set
Demon Lord Set
Demon Lord Set Demon Lord Helm Demon Lord Armor Demon Lord Castle (Boss Drop)
Demon Cow Lord Set
Demon Cow Lord Set Minotaur Head Demon Lord Armor Yamada's Woods
Demon Lord Castle (Boss Drop)
Great Demon Lord Set
Great Demon Lord Set Demon King Helm Demon King Armor (Evolution) Demon Lord Set
Sailor Set
Sailor Set Schoolgirl Wig Sailor Suit Cold Beer Yamada Underground (Aja's Shop)
Aja's Tower (Aja's Shop)
Iron Mask Set
Iron Mask Set Iron Helmet Sailor Suit Princess Tower
Aja's Tower (Aja's Shop)
Sailor Knight Set
Sailor Knight Set Sailor Knight Tiara Sailor Knightwear Sailor Knight Shield Golden Pyramid (Main Door) (1-20F)
Pharaoh Set
Pharaoh Set Pharaoh Head Pharaoh Body Pharaoh Shield Golden Pyramid (Main Door) (1-20F)
Wood Set
Wood Set Wood Afro Wood Body Wood Shield Weird Woody Woods
Goblin Set
Goblin Set Goblin Head Goblin Body Fort Goblin
Pumpkin Witch Set
Pumpkin Witch Set Pumpkin Witch Hat Pumpkin Witch Cape Pumpkin Witch Shield Sorcery School (formerly Spell Academy)
Bee Soldier Set
Bee Soldier Set Bee Warrior Helm Bee Warrior Armor Beegarden
Fancy Lord Set
Fancy Lord Set Fancy Lord Head Fancy Lord's Kimono Fancy Fan Slimurai Hamlet
Dracula Set
Dracula Set Dracula's Hat Dracula's Cape King Ghost's Palace
Golem Set
Golem Set Golem Helm Golem Armor Golem Shield Fire Golem Cave
Treasure Hunter Set
Treasure Hunter Set Treasure Hat Treasure Wear Royal Rat Trove
Pirate Set
Pirate Set Pirate Hat Pirate Suit Pirate Hook Cap'n Bone's Big Boat
Birthday Set
Birthday Set Birthday Hat Birthday Suit Birthday Shield Mimiqueen's Villa
King Yamada Set
King Yamada Set King Yamada's Crown King Yamada Cape King Yamada Shield Legendary Dragonkeep
Asparaguster Set
Asparaguster Set Asparaguster Head Asparaguster Body Asaparaguster's Ranch
Paladin Set
Paladin Set Holy Knight Helmet Holy Knight Armor Holy Shield Holy Thelomon Castle
Dark Knight Set
Dark Knight Set Dark Knight Helmet Dark Knight Armor Dark Shield Garbi Desert
Bomber Set
Bomber Set Bomb Helmet Bomb Armor (Evolution) Tattered Helmet
(Evolution) Destruction Armor
Thunder God Set
Thunder God Set Thunder God Helmet Thunder God Armor Thunder God Shield Golden Pyramid (Main Door) (21-30F)
Punk Set
Punk Set Mohawk Head Gangster Suit Shibuya
Gyaru Set
Gyaru Set Gyaru Hat Gyaru Wear Harajuku
Magnetman Set
Magnetman Set Magnet Helm Magnet Armor Yoyogi
Police Set
Police Set Police Hat Police Suit Shinjuku
Heno Police Set
Heno Police Set Henoheno Mask Police Suit Golden Pyramid (Ancient Swordsman's Door)
Pigdude Set
Pigdude Set Pigdude Head Pigdude Body Shin Okubo
Horseman Set
Horseman Set Horseman Head Horseman Body Takadanobaba
Tea Master Set
Tea Master Set Tea Master Crown Tea Master Kimono Mejiro
Owl Set
Owl Set Owl Head Owl Body Ikebukuro
Train Set
Train Set Train Conductor Hat Train Conductor Suit Otsuka
Heno Conductor Set
Heno Conductor Set Henoheno Mask Train Conductor Suit Golden Pyramid (Ancient Swordsman's Door)
Jizou Set
Jizou Set Jizou Head Jizou Body Sugamo
Rose Lady Set
Rose Lady Set Rose Lady Hat Rose Lady Dress Komagome
Inubis Set
Inubis Set Inubis Hat Inubis Robe Golden Pyramid (Main Door) (21-30F)
Magical Girl Set
Magical Girl Set Mechacha Head Mecha Magic Robe Golden Pyramid (Great King's Door)
Gilgamesh Set
Gilgamesh Set Gilgamesh's Helmet Gilgamesh Armor Golden Pyramid (Great King's Door)
Ninja Set
Ninja Set Ninja Mask Ninja Costume Golden Pyramid (Ancient Swordsman's Door)
Red Ninja Set
Red Ninja Set Queen Glasses Ninja Costume Golden Pyramid (Ancient Swordsman's Door)
Queen's Castle (Boss Drop)
Henoheno Set
Henoheno Set Henoheno Mask Henoheno Cape Golden Pyramid (Ancient Swordsman's Door)
Naked King Set
Naked King Set King Yamada's Crown Henoheno Cape Legendary Dragonkeep
Golden Pyramid (Ancient Swordsman's Door)
Farmer Set
Farmer Set Farm Hat Farm Clothes Tabata
Heno Farmer Set
Heno Farmer Set Henoheno Mask Farm Clothes Golden Pyramid (Ancient Swordsman's Door)
Kendo Set
Kendo Set Kendo Face Kendo Vest Nishi-Nippori
Fireworks Set
Fireworks Set Fireworker Hat Fireworker Suit Nippori
Fishmonger Set
Fishmonger Set Fishmonger Headband Fishmonger Apron Okachimachi
Desert Dweller Set
Desert Dweller Set Desert Helm Desert Garb Golden Pyramid (Ghost Queen's Door)
Fairy Set
Fairy Set Flower Fairy Hair Flower Fairy Clothes Sunflower Shield Golden Pyramid (Ghost Queen's Door)
Mafia Set
Mafia Set Mafia Hat Mafia Suit Porto Pepperoni Warehouse #3
Godfather Set
Godfather Set Godfather Hat Godfather Suit Porto Pepperoni Warehouse #3
B-Boy Set
B-Boy Set B-boy Cap B-boy Outfit Boombox Shield Maestro Nobiyo's Farm
Red Payphone Set
Red Payphone Set Red Telephone Head Red Telephone Body Golden Pyramid (Unbreakable Door)
Fighter Set
Fighter Set Fighter Headband Fighting Gi Cleaning Stamps (Month 2)
Rare Item Shop
Baseball King Set
Baseball King Set Baseball King Helmet Baseball Uniform Baseball King Glove Cleaning Stamps (Month 3)
Rare Item Shop
Mangaka Set
Mangaka Set Manga Artist Hat Manga Artist Outfit Kanda
Area 51 Set
Area 51 Set Area 51 Head Area 51 Body Maestro Nobiyo's Farm
Yokozuna Set
Yokozuna Set Yokozuna Topknot Yokozuna Wrap Cleaning Stamps (Month 1)
Rare Item Shop
Bathtime Set
Bathtime Set Bathtime Towel Bathtime Robe Turtle Bath (70 badges)
Bathtime King Set
Bathtime King Set Bath King Head Bathtime Robe Turtle Bath (180 badges)
Bondage Set
Bondage Set Bondage Helm Bondage Body Uguisudani
Panda Set
Panda Set Panda Head Panda Suit Ueno
Director Set
Director Set Film Director Hat Film Director Outfit Rare Item Shop
Modern Boy Set Modernist Hat Modernist Suit Rare Item Shop
Otaku Warrior Set
Otaku Warrior Set Otaku Helmet Otaku Warrior Clothes Akihabara
Monkey Set
Monkey Set Monkey Head Monkey Body Holy Thelomon Castle
Rock Hard Set
Rock Hard Set Rock Hard Helm Rock Hard Armor Golden Pyramid (Unbreakable Door)
School Boss Set
School Boss Set Classic Headband Cool School Uniform Heck Yeah High School(event) (Prize)
Graveyard King Set
Graveyard King Set Graveyard King Crown Graveyard King Cape Golden Pyramid (Gorememphis)
Aja Set
Aja Set Aja's Turban Aja Clothes Golden Pyramid (Ultra-Spicy Door)
Curry Knight Set
Curry Knight Set Curry Knight Helmet Curry Knight's Armor Golden Pyramid (Ultra-Spicy Door)
Gamerobo Set
Gamerobo Set Gamerobo Head Gamerobo Body Fort Supopon
Memori-kun Set
Memori-kun Set Memori-kun's Head Memori-kun's Clothes Fort Supopon
Godzalla Set
Godzalla Set Godzalla Head Godzalla Body Cleaning Stamps (Month 4)
Rare Item Shop
Real Estate Tycoon Set
Real Estate Tycoon Set Tycoon Wig Tycoon Suit Tycoon Billwad Cleaning Stamps (Month 5)
Rare Item Shop
Occhaman Set
Occhaman Set Occhaman Helmet Occhaman Suit Occhaman Shief 8-bit Dungeon (Ruurarara Scroll)
Shinmyoumaru Set
Shinmyoumaru Set Shinmyoumaru's Bowl Shinmyoumaru's Clothes Danmaku Castle
Reimu Set
Reimu Hakurei Set Reimu's Ribbon Reimu's Clothes Danmaku Castle
Marisa Set
Marisa Set MArisa's Hat Marisa's Clothes Danmaku Castle
Crab Marshall Set
Crab Marshall Set Crab Marshall's Crown Crab Marshal Armor Crab Marshall Shield Cleaning Stamps (Month 6)
Rare Item Shop
Mamazoness Set
Mamazoness Set Mamazoness Crown Mamazoness Clothes Mamayan Challenge
Santa Set
Santa Set Santa Hat Santa Outfit Santa Flophouse
Snowperson Set
Snowperson Set Snowperson Head Snowperson Body Snowbytown Square
Legendary Bathtime Set
Legendary Bathtime Set Bath King Head Hidden Rare Hand Towel Turtle Bath (260 badges)
Glutton King Set
Glutton King Set Glutton King Crown Glutton King Cape Glutton King Shield Cleaning Stamps (Month 7)
Rare Item Shop
Sun Knight Set
Sun Knight Set Sun Knight Helmet Sun Armor The Sun God Ararah
Turtle Knight Set
Turtle Knight Set Turtle Knight Helmet Turtle Knight Amor Turtle Knight Shield Turtle Bath (400 badges)
Monk Suzuki Set
Monk Suzuki Set Blue Monk Cap Blue Monk Robe Raid Tower
Thief Sato Set
Thief Sato Set Red Thief Hood Red Thief Cape Raid Tower
Don-chan Set
Don-chan Set Dark Dragon Don's Head Dragon Don Body Raid Tower
Mech Don-chan Set
Mech Don-chan Set Mech Dragon Don's Head Mech Dragon Don Body (Evolution) Don-chan Set
Kabuki King Set
Kabuki King Set Kabuki King Wig Kabuki King Kimono Kabuki King Lantern Cleaning Stamps (Month 8)
Rare Item Shop
Bear Set
Bear Set Bear Head Bear Body Lavender Avenue Shop
Lady Set
Lady Set Lady Hat Lady Clothes Lavender Avenue Shop
Dance King Set
Dance King Set Afro of the Dance King Shirt of the Dance King Tiger Shield Cleaning Stamps (Month 9)
Rare Item Shop
Worker Set
Worker Set Safety Helmet Worker Shirt Mysterious Hard Labor Zone
Kong King Set
Kong King Set Kong King Head King Kong Body Kong King Shield Cleaning Stamps (Month 10)
Rare Item Shop
Tengu Set
Tengu Set Tengu Face Tengu Clothes Tengu Leaf Shield Cleaning Stamps (Month 11)
Rare Item Shop
Cyborg Set
Cyborg Set Cyborg Head Cyborg Body Tokyo
SharKing Set
SharKing Set SharKing Head SharKing Body Coral Shield Cleaning Stamps (Month 12)
Rare Item Shop
Urashima Set
Urashima Set Urashima Wig Urashima & Turtle Turtle Bath (800 badges)
China King Set
China King Set China King Hat China King Garb Heck Yeah High School(event) (Prize)
Viking Set
Viking Set Viking Crown Viking Armor Viking Shield Cleaning Stamps (Month 13)
Doburoku Set
Doburoku Set Doburoku Crown Doburoku's Armor Sir Doburoku's Shield Doburoku Station
Bug King Set
Bug King Set Bug King's Horned Head Bug King Body Bug King Shield Cleaning Stamps (Month 14)
Space Set
Space Set Space Helmet Space Body Nobiyo Returns! (Prize)
Pastry King Set
Pastry King Set Patissier Hat Patissier Clothes Strawberry Cake Shield Cleaning Stamps (Month 15)
Bodycon Set
Bodycon Set Stylish Wig Skintight Suit Toilet Island
Zombie Set
Zombie Set Zombie Head Zombie Body Poison Slime Pandemic
Daruma Set
Daruma Set Daruma Head Daruma Body Rare Item Shop
Fish King Set
Fish King Set Fish King Helm Fish King Armor Rare Item Shop
Warlock Set
Warlock Set Warlock Hood Warlock Robe Mystery Bell Tatari Tower Station
Golfer Lady Set
Golfer Lady Set Golf Lady Visor Golf Ladywear Yamada Autumn Cup (Prize)
Yamada Spring Cup (Prize)
Pro Golfer Set
Pro Golfer Set Pro Golfer Hat Pro Golfer Clothes Yamada Autumn Cup (Prize)
Yamada Spring Cup (Prize)
Sea God Set
Sea God Set Sea God Crown Sea God Cape Dragon King Palace
Genius Set Genius Head Genius Labcoat Dark Solid Tower
Squid King Set
Squid King Set Squid King Head Squid King Body Rare Item Shop
Prisoner Set
Prisoner Set Prison Hat Prison Uniform Rare Item Shop
Clown King
Clown King Set Pierott King make-up Pierott King Cloth Balloon Shield Rare Item Shop
Reindeer Set
Reindeer Set Reindeer Hat Reindeer Coat Rare Item Shop
Gold Daruma Set
Golden Daruma Set Golden Daruma Head Golden Daruma Body (Evolution) Daruma Set
Gold Fish King Set
Golden Lucky Fish Set Golden Lucky Fish Helm Golden Lucky Fish Armor (Evolution) Fish King Set