Debug Menu can be accessed from Yamada's Apartment by tapping on Yamada. Doing so closes Yamada's Mind (if already open) and brings up a thought bubble with the following options.


Lists Story Dungeons.


Lists Special Dungeons.


Brings up the inventory pages, and allows equipping the hero with Consumable Items, Weapons and Armors which make Dandy Collection Sets.


Brings up the inventory pages, and allows the upgrading and evolution of equipment.

Dungeon SpellsEdit

Lists the collected dungeon scrolls for Special Dungeons. Options to cast manually typed out or copied spells, share dungeon spells, and retrieve shared spells from Twitter* are also found here.


Brings up the inventory pages with an added filter for reflecting each item's price. Items and equipment can only be sold through here.

Hungry QuestersEdit

Lists the available Hungry Quests currently.

Item ShopEdit

Brings up the Item Shop, both normal (which uses GOLD) and rare item shop (which uses Happy Clovers) *A working Twitter account must be linked to the device before this additional Twitter sharing function is available.