Skill Name Description
3-Shaku Ball Rare skill: sometimes spawns a 3-shaku ball at floor start

Explode it to damage everyone!

3-Turn Jail Sometimes put monsters in jail for three (3) turns
Ahh Ahh! Scream atop a building at the start of a floor!

Breaks walls and damages all!
Happens if your energy permits

Art of Katon Sometimes use Art of Katon on nearby enemy
Attitude Attack Thorns will damage the enemy once or twice after attack
Auto Lamp Light surroundings at all times
Auto Magic Barrier Rare skill: Cast Magic Barrier at the start of a floor
Axe Master! Axe critical attacks become 2x3 in a pinch! Skill chance slightly up!
Bananarang Sometimes throw a banana boomerang in an enemy's direction after attacking them
Beastkiller Increases damage to goblins and beasts
Big Knockback Almost always knock an enemy back if nothing is behind them!
Big Tractor Sometimes a crazy tractor mows over enemies in a straight line

Higher chance on vegetable-type enemies

Big Yell Yell to increase ATK when HP is critical

Can happen once per floor

Bloodsuck Sometimes attacks beast-like enemies

Restores a little HP

Bomb Guard Reduces damage from booms & kabooms

Guards them a lot, too! A good skill

Breath Guard Greatly decrease damage from all breath-type attacks
Brick Breaker Break an opponent's magic barrier or blockade! Weapon must be bare hands or claws
Bronson Attack Bronson will always support-attack if the enemy has any irregular status
Bucket Throw Sometimes throw a bucket while moving. Likelihood up if Japanese weapons! ATK up if bath house!
Bug Suck Sometimes suck sap from tree-type enemies; restores 15 HP!
Bugbug Dash A squadron of bugs rush-attacks a single line. Happens more in forest / nature levels.
Building Construction Builds skyscrapers on a dungeon floor!

Can build up to five.
Costs 100 GOLD per building

Bumpin' Knock all enemies back in a straight line with a burst of sumo energy
Bunker Shot! You'll fail fewer bunker shots with this convenient skill!
Cash Throw Throw money at monsters!

A millionaire's favorite attack
Costs 100 GOLD per attack

Candy Attack Sometimes does random damage!

Happens more often if eating candy

Charge Attack Attack will deal damage to 2 squares at the same time
Check It Out Complete the rap after attack to damage all enemies!
Chinese History Follow up an attack with a second attack that hurts all enemies! Happens more with Chinese-type equipment!
Chinryuken! Fancy fighting technique
Knock back + big damage to enemy
Weapon must be bare hands or claws
Cleave Cleave all enemies across 3 squares in one direction!
Confusionproof Resist confusion
Cooking Attack Big damage + HP heal @ half damage dealt; happens a lot with hammers equipped or when HP = 1
Counter Maintenance Heal one's self in return for opponent healing more than 10 HP
Crab Heck Grody crabs attack all monsters!

Effective on enemies weak to water attacks

Crab Pinch Pinch all enemies with crab pincer!

Happens most often when HP is less than 10!

Crack Attack Sometimes deal 1~2 extra hits of fixed damage when attacking
Critical Milk Sometimes drink milk to heal HP when critical or burned

Can heal burns

Crossfire Take fire damage to ignite fuse; explode in a cross shape! Rarely causes enemies to spontaneously combust
Cursed Head Dance Head flies off and combo-hits everybody!

Happens more often if HP is in a pinch

Cut Guard Guard maybe half of all critical attacks.

Kind of a cheat!

Danger Blockade Almost always generate a Blockade when HP is below 5!
Dark Attack! Rare evil damage skill

Surrounds enemies

Darkness Wrap Super-rare skill: very rarely blinds all enemies during a battle
Deranged Attack Happens sometimes when nothing is behind enemy!

More powerful with liquor-type weapon!

Happens with other weapons too!

Dharma Revenge Take exactly 7 damage to do a DEF-ignoring 8 damage!
Dharma Roll Suddenly become metal! Happens often during critical hits or low HP!
Drunkmastery Your attack power goes way up when you're drunk!
Don Buttslam Attacks 3x2 squares!

Sometimes blinds opponents

Dragonkiller Increases damage to dragon-type enemies
Eat Bamboo Crispy and fresh!

High chance of eating bamboo to restore HP

Eat Banana Sometimes eat a banana to recover HP!

Throw the banana peels for a little attack

Eat Somethin'! Sometimes restores 20HP. Also heals blind!
Eternal Coroutine The heretic falls into poisoned sleep!

Happens more when Hero's HP is less than half!

Everlasting Delete The heretic's buffs are stricken!

Happens more when Hero has less than half HP!

Evil-Sealing Circle Summon Reimu to fire a danmaku of cards! Damages all enemies. Sometimes blinds
Falcobrutoblockomagick You'll be busting with buffs!

Happens more when HP is critical

Fan Attack Sometimes throw a deadly fan forward after attacking! Happens more often with fan-type weapons
Fantasy Seal Summon Reimu to fire a danmaku! Damages all enemies. Lowers enemy ATK!
Fire Attack Increases damage to nature and undead-type enemies
Fire Guard Damage from fire attacks goes down by half
Fish Army Attack Fish help at floor start! Heal HP + damage to enemies! Happens often in water
Fish Dance After landing a critical hit, dance a fish dance to restore 40 HP! Happens more often in presence of water
Flame Sometimes fire a piercing flame attack 2 squares ahead

Happens more if opponent is weak to fire

Flying Fish Strike Sometimes Flying Fish attack will score critical damage

Higher chance with "Frozen Tuna" equipped!

Food-Time!! Eat beast / vegetable enemies if their HP is below 30%! Recover HP!

Happens more with utensil / cooking weapons

Frying Pan Rarely insta-kill enemy if weapon is a frying pan! Happens more with more HP
Get. Out! Super-rare skill: Always knocks enemy back if nothing is behind them
Ghost Hero Super-rare skill: become invisible

Attacks will miss
Ends when you attack or are hit

Go To China Bury an enemy with one blow!

More likely if you've equipped Chinese-style equipment

Gold Bonus! Receive more gold
GOLD Bonus MAX Get more gold! You're gonna be rich!
Gourmet! Healing power of food-type items increases 1.5x!

Quite a delicious skill

Growww Summon Shinmyoumaru to attack all enemies! Always hits its mark!
Gunfight Immediately start a wild gunfight with gun-wielding enemies at the start of a floor!
Gunpowder Damage you deal with explosive items or skills goes up!
Hairwash Whip surrounding enemies with long hair!

Happens more if more than one enemy is nearby

Hang in There Sometimes survive an attack which would reduce HP to 0
Heal Attack High chance of casting heal to score big damage on an undead opponent
Heno Combo High chance to attack twice
Quite a rare skill
High Tension Almost always recover some HP when in "Falcon" status
Hole In One Drastically increases your chances of a hole in one! Sometimes happens not on golf courses!
Holy Attack! Rare holy damage skill

Surrounds enemies

Holy Blow Increases damage to undead and ghost-type enemies
Holy Healing Sometimes recover HP

Rare skill!

Home Run! It's outta here!

More damage with bat equipped

Honey Heal Heal all allies with nutritious holy honey

Happens more often if HP is in a pinch

Hot Water Splash Sometimes splash scalding water on a 3x2 square area. Fire damage!
Hyadoken! Fancy fighting technique

Big damage to enemies in a line
Weapon must be bare hands or claws

Hypnosis Sometimes use Hypnosis on nearby enemy
Ice Attack Sometimes freezes enemies
Ice Beam Sometimes fire an ice beam 2 squares ahead

Happens more if opponent is weak to ice

Ice Guard Halves damage done by ice attacks. Sometimes prevents freezing!
Ice Killer Land more critical hits on frozen enemies
Ink Splash! Summon deep-sea giant squid to damage / blind all enemies! Happens more in water
Insectkiller Increases damage to insect-type enemies
Insomnia Resist sleep
Instant Level Up Increases EXP received
Inubis's Curse Rare skill: Quite often poison all enemies at the start of a floor
Kamaitachi Sometimes summon a Kamaitachi. Critical damage to one enemy. Happens more with Falcon!
King of Milk Get more HP from milk!

Get tough!

Knockback Knocks enemies back one square if there's nothing behind them!
Leakage Electricity leaks if HP is at less than half!

Lightning damages surroundings

Long Pinch Falcon Can unleash long Falcon when HP is critical

Requires Aja Set

Magic Attack Sometimes deals magic damage to enemy along a straight line
Magic Guard Halves magic damage and heal amounts
Magic Power Up Magic attack damage goes up considerably
Magnet Power Small chance at floor start to automatically use a magnet
Mamazon Prime Mamazon heals 20 HP up to 2 times per floor!

Also, scatters gifts! Free Shipping!

Mamazon Rush Mamazon warriors rush all enemies on a single line! Works best in nature environments
Masochist Strike Launch a crushing special attack which ignores enemy's DEF

Must have nothing equipped in hands

Master Spark Summon Marisa to fire a laser on 3 rows. Happens more often when HP is low
Messy Magic Sometimes attack opponent with Messy Magic Attack!

Damage can be high or low

Metal Killer Higher chance of critical attack against metal-type enemies
Meteyo! At floor start: sometimes cast an ancient spell Meteyo

Damages all enemies

Meteyoga! High chance of healing and big damage to all enemies when HP is extremely low!!
Mirror Shield Sometimes reflect magic
Natural Healing Sometimes recover HP

Rare skill!

Natural High Suddenly confuses, heals HP, and increases ATK!
ND Laser Summon Marisa to fire a danmaku at all enemies! Happens more often when HP is low
Nice Hit Attack distant enemy on same line

More damage with bat equipped!

Night Fever Yeah!! Fever happens on dark floors. Damage received goes DOWN! Damage you do goes UP!
Ninja Dance Damage and confuse enemies and add "Falcon" status when HP is high!
Ninja Phoenix A flaming bird attacks enemies and heals when HP is critical!
Nose Triumph Strike a critical hit and hold your nose up high! High chance of healing HP!
Occasional Boomerang Sometimes throw a boomerang in the direction of enemy after attack!
Occasional Combo Sometimes attack twice!

Second attack is half strength

Ooh Ooh! Burst damage upon all in your line!

Sometimes grab an airplane and ability UP!
Happens whenever your energy permits

Otoshidama Drop a gold ball onto a random enemy's head!

Sometimes drops gold into empty spaces.
Happens while walking or fighting

Owl Power Big increase to damage dealy on dark floors

Also reduces damage received!

Panda Strike Occasionally release Panda's Rage

Triggers more often in Forest Dungeons!

Pandora's Box Places a magic box (either good or bad!) somewhere on a floor. Happens more if HP is less than half!
Petty Thief Reduces treasures lost when escaping a dungeon
Phone a Guest Call someone on the phone at the start of a floor.
Pig Burst Sometimes pigs rush to attack all enemies on a single line
Pinch Barrier 20% chance of casting Blockade when HP is dangerously low
Pinch Boom Explosion damages surrounding enemies with HP is in a pinch
Pinch Brute Force 30% chance of activating "Brute Force" when HP is low
Pinch Critical Increases chances of critical attack when HP is dangerously low
Pinch Falcon Sometimes achieve "falcon" status when HP is critical
Pinch Falcon MAX Super-rare skill: Always activates "Falcon" when HP is dangerously low!
Pinch Heal Sometimes casts "Heal" when HP is critical
Pinch Magic Barrier 30% chance of casting Magic Barrier when HP is critically low
Pinch Mamazon When in danger, often summons Mamazon to heal 30 HP! Thanks, Mamazon!
Pinch Metal Sometimes turn into metal when HP is in a pinch
Pinch Otaku Arts Rare battle cry of the Otaku Warrior

Recovery and support effect
Happens sometimes when HP is low

Pinch Slam Special critical attack when HP is dangerously low

more frequent with "Bamboo Sword"

Pinch Transform Sometimes transform closest enemy when HP is in a pinch
Poison Attack Sometimes poison an enemy
Poison Lovely Sometimes you'll gain "natural healing" while poisoned. This is a weird skill
Poison Rose Sometimes use a poison attack after hitting an enemy
Poison Sleep Gas Put all enemies to sleep! Formidable technique! Sometimes happens while moving
Poison Spin Sometimes you'll get drunk. This is a weird skill.
Poisonproof Resist poison
Princess Heal A young princess appears and heals you for 10 turns. Happens only once on floors with water
Pumped Up Almost always cast "Brute Strength" when HP is at MAX!
Random Attack Damage varies with this skill
Ranged Fire Blasts ranged fire in the facing direction
Rat Fireworks Attack with Rat Fireworks

Higher chance of happening on rat-type enemy

Rat Hurricane Sometimes calls a wave of rats at the start of a floor
Ratcatkiller Increases damage to rats and cats
Regift Immediately revenge-counter attacks doing more than 8 damage
Returned Present Immediately revenge-counter attacks doing more than 8 damage
Rowdy Samurai Rare skill: a Rowdy Samurai sometimes appears at the start of a floor
Rowdy Train Sometimes a "Rowdy Train" appears at the start of a floor
Samuraikiller Increases damage to Samurai-type enemies
Sandstorm Sand might spray up, damaging enemy

Might become a "Sandstorm"!

Sato Kick Sato kicks a whole horizontal line!

Lowers enemies' ATK!
Happens when moving or fighting

Sato Punch A punch of highest quality

Opponent's DEF down sometimes!

Scathing Metal 50% chance of activating "Metal" status after a cutting attack
Shark Attack Bite 'em! More damage on fish or animal enemies! Happens more often with ocean-type weapons
Sharkskin Your sandpapery skin sometimes counterattacks! More damage when HP is low. And if your HP is 1 . . . ?!
Shonen Dump Sometimes open Shonen Dump magazine

Maybe the story is good and damages all opponents!

Showoff Poison, confusion, blind, or burns increase your abilities!

Also adds Falcon and Brute Force

Shuffle Break most traps in path using a sumo wrestler's trademark movements
Shuriken Throw a shuriken in a straight line!

Negligible attack power
Perfect Accuracy

Sickle Throw Sometimes throw a sickle damaging enemies along a straight line
Sleep Attack Sometimes puts enemies to sleep
Slime Killer This skill makes killing slimes much easier!
Slime Summon Summon three slimes to random empty squares! Gold Slimes appear frequently, too!
Slimeeater Eat slime-type monsters after defeating them! Recovers a little HP
Space Trash Sometimes space debris falls on random targets while you move. Sometimes some amazing falls!
Spearmaster! Whoa! Spears can attack 3 squares instead of 2!
Stealmaster The red castanets' great robbery skill! Slows rotation speed
Steal Falconbrute Steal and instantly use the falcon and brute force! when Hero has less than half HP
Straight Fire Blasts fire across an entire line
Sudden Cold Freeze enemies with occasional sudden crushing blow!
Sudden Confusion Sometimes become confused.

This is not a good "skill"

Summon Momoze Small chance to Summon High Priest Momoze

Damages enemies in middle 3 columns!

Summon Nigoro Mobile Suit Nigoro attacks!

Triggers when HP is super-critical

Summon UFO High chance a UFO will appear at floor start
Sunbeam Fire sunbeam at 1 random enemy!

Sometimes causes blindness!
Happens while walking or fighting

Super-Hard Iron Ball Sometimes summon silver ball to crush enemies in a line
Sweet Perfume A sweet perfume sometimes puts an enemy to sleep
Sweets Boost More HP from healing with candy items
Syringe Throw Sometimes injection-attack all enemies in a straight line

Puts enemies to sleep sometimes

Taitan Summon Summon big fish; damages all enemies. Rarely at start of floor. Often after eating lucky fish.
Take THAT! Parry opponent's attack!

Lowers enemy's ATK a little
Higher chance with "Bamboo Sword"!

Take THIS! Lowers enemy's DEF a little

Higher chance with "Bamboo Sword" equipped!

The Power of Milk Drink milk . . . . . . and usually earn Brute Force!
Throw Junk Toss useless parts at enemies and obstacles
Thunder Attack Rare lightning damage skill

Surrounds enemies

Thunder God's Wrath Super-rare skill: sometimes summons the thunder god at the start of a floor!
Thunder Guard Halves damage received from lightning attacks
Thunderheal Eat lightning and get some HP back every turn! Pretty reliable
Tiny Lamp Sometimes happens on dark floors

Illuminates floor for just a few turns

Transform Ball Rare: Transfroms a nearby enemy into tree or mushroom
Trouble Maker Yeah!! Sometimes a tiger joins your attack! Happens more if opponent has status effect.
Turtle Arrival When your HP is at 1, turtles arrive to heal 40 HP and cast Blockade!
Turtle Charm When an enemy deals more than 10 damage, occasionally casts Blockade and recovers 10 HP!
Twist Dance Do a twist dance in front of a trap! Recover HP and break the trap!
Ultra-Spicy Curry Eat hot curry

Exhale fire
Burns enemies

Unblindable A rare skill: you will never become blind!
Ungrudgeable Guard against cursed dolls' grudge / revenge attacks!
Viking Cannon Blast enemies with a big-damage cannon after attacking; happens a lot on floors with water
Walk in the Woods Sometimes naturally recover HP! Happens a lot of foresty stages!
Whip Attack Crack a long whip

Damage enemies across two squares

Witchcraft Paradise Use VR witchery to warp! Happens more with low HP / staff equipped
Witchcraft Rip Erase all of an opponent's buffs! Happens more when enemy is buffed or staff equipped
Zero Gravity You have seen the mysteries of the universe . . .
Zombie Breath Dark damage to enemies in front. More often if HP over 50%. Power-up if poisoned