Garbage Mummy
Garbage Mummy
Type 1 Ghost(type)
Type 2 Undead(type)
550 18 26 0
Battle Info
Abilities Magic Barrier
Weak to ?
Immune to ?
Main Drops ? Chest
Other Drops Rare Jade
Trash-wrapped pharaoh. Unleashes evil after 5 turns
- Monster Shelf

Garbage Mummy resides in and is the boss of Garbi Desert. It boasts a similar appearance, skills and difficulty to Mummy Master, its counterpart which rules the Golden Pyramid (Main Door).

In BattleEdit

Normal Attack StyleEdit

Type: Melee
Range: 1 tile
Hostility: Not unless confronted


Magic BarrierEdit

Where to FindEdit


Item Normal Drop RC Drop
Rare Jade X


Dark MageEdit

The pot on the same floor hides a Dark Mage. Tracing a path to avoid destroying this pot, and subsequently using a spell or attack to break the pot unleashes this Dark Mage.

Before/after the boss battle, this dark mage may cast Ice-all. However, it will only cast Heal on Garbage Mummy during the Hero's fight with Garbage Mummy. This ends with two beneficial outcomes:

  1. With a Magic Barrier up, this Heal spell gets reflected to the Hero.
  2. Without any Magic Barrier, this Heal spell damages Garbage Mummy.

0HP HealEdit

Press an item after every turn, even if the Hero is confused. This allows for a 0HP Heal. Likewise for its countdown attack.

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