Item UsageEdit

0HP healsEdit

If you time it right and tap a healing item (e.g. Medicine, Heal Scroll, Antidote, etc) just before an attack or when the attack animation is still ongoing, it is possible to bring up the "Use/don't use" option which pauses the battle.

This means that at that precise moment the hero gets reduced to 0HP, it is possible to heal can resume the battle. This helps make the hero more lasting.

  1. Reduces item usage
  2. Allows a hard-hitting attack to be absorbed, while having the hero bounce back with the healed amount of HP

*(Note: This isn't gonna work if they use an attack that prevents you from using spells, freezing you for example)

Switching equipment using PakoEdit

If you use the pako scroll your item/spell menu will pop up allowing you to select and switch out spells. However, you can also tap to the right or left of the spells to select the weapon that's currently in that slot. For example, if you have a particular weapon in the top left corner of the your weapons menu, you can tap to the right of your top-right spell and you'll switch to that weapon (or unequip yourself if you're already using that weapon)

Likewise you can do the same with your armors, although it might be trickier to get a complete set to all be at the right side of your inventory, it's probably more useful for switching shields.

Morph + Magic BarrierEdit

The Morph scroll normally transforms you into a tree or whatever, allowing you to walk past enemies without fighting them, which isn't normally too useful as you need to level up to fight bosses and such, which normally you can't slip by I'm pretty sure. However if you combine it with the Magic Barrier Scroll it'll reflect the transformation and cause a nearby enemy turn into a tree, or whatever. Which could be useful. I haven't tried this out much, so there's probably something interesting you could do with it, but I don't know, either way it's an interesting trick.

Morph Scrolls can be found in Woody areas if I recall correctly.

Heal + Magic BarrierEdit

With a Magic Barrier up, using a Heal Scroll reflects the heal to the enemy instead.

This can be used to damage undead enemies, though only works with Heal Scroll.

Fighting MonstersEdit

Identifying MimicsEdit

Tap on the chest and read it's description:

  • Fake Platinum Chest - Must be something miraculous inside
  • Real Gold Chest - Something grrreat is probably inside
  • Fake Gold Chest - Probably contains something grrreat!
  • Real Bronze Chest - Something normal is probably inside
  • Fake Bronze Chest - Contains normal treasure

Dealing with hard hitting enemiesEdit

Get them around corners or behind objects. [1]

  • Without having the battle fast-forwarded, tap unused items precisely between attacks for a better chance at 0HP healing.
  • Equip AoE weapons - those which deal damage beyond the the square in front of you, i.e. Spears, Whips, certain skills - and trace a path which puts the enemy in question right at the end to dish out as much damage as possible before the confrontation.
  • Equip a set that gives you a lot of Speed will also make you dodge most attacks.
  • Falcon status (from Falcon Scrolls) give additional though temporary Speed and Evade boosts.

Dealing with BossesEdit

See: Bosses

Using ScrollsEdit


  • Can be used to get chests that are in water
  • Can be used to steal from Aja's shop (in dungeons)

Ruurarara ScrollEdit

  • Only useful when paired with Momoze Scroll or Ice-all Scroll. See Secret Shrine
  • Can be used to loop back to a certain point in the dungeon, i.e. Golden Pyramid doors (with the exception of the boss floor)

Momoze ScrollEdit

Ice-all ScrollEdit

  • Balances the Blindness status inflicted on the hero, due to decreased enemy evasion rate from the frozen status.
  • Makes water tile walkable, though must be done before a path is traced. Notable uses: Secret Shrine, Turtle Bath, Garbi Desert

This Scroll will also freeze water, but if you want to walk on it, you have to do it at the entrance obviously otherwise you can't draw a path over the ice.


  • Not affected by Magic Barrier spells which can be useful to take down certain enemies, i.e Dark Knights
  • Powerful AoE which can help do chip damage to bosses from afar, or remove enemies which have a high HP or flee easily.

Heal ScrollEdit

  • Helps with sustainability for some battles which deal 20-24hp damage, i.e. Tatari Tower Station
  • Deals damage to undead enemies when Magic Barrier is up. Useful for Garbi Desert, Golden Pyramid

Melonginus ScrollEdit

Blockbuster ScrollEdit

Evolving EquipmentEdit

Farming locations for materialsEdit

[30 exp] (Bronze level) Stones:

[60 exp] Dragon Fangs:

[80 exp+] 3* Equipment (levelled up and used as fodder):

[100 exp] Silver Ores:

[300 exp] Gold Ores:

[450 exp] Premium Ores:

*It is also possible to get Premium Ores from normal drops or with Miracle Pot. These are not advised however due to the low drop rates and the fact that Miracle Pots are hard to obtain. [750 exp] Diamonds:

[500 exp+] 4* Equipment (levelled up and used as fodder):

Duplicate ItemEdit

Most Legendary forms require a maximum leveled copy of the same weapon for evolution.

Exp required per levelEdit

Level up table can be found here for exact numbers.