Gold Bar
Gold Bar2
Rarity ★★★
Type Material
Sell Gold 1500
A symbol of wealth
We're rich! Sell it!
- Inventory Info

Where to Find Edit

Monster DropsEdit

Monster Normal Drop RC Drop
Mimic X X
Diamond Slime X X
Toilet Mimic X X
Silver Mammoth Chest X X
Chairman's Decoy X*
Buddy Gator X*
Rare Croc X*
Crocodile Joe X*
Bone Dragon X*
Goblin Golfer X*
Komebitsu's Sister X
Killer Slime (evolved) X*
Doktor GL (evolved) X*
Lethal Weapon (evolved) X*
Ghost Cat Boss X*
Anna-chan X

*See the respective monster's page for more information.

Dungeon LootEdit

Dungeon Chest
Doburoku Station Gold
Tatari Tower Station Gold
Dragon King Palace Gold
Dark Solid Tower Gold
King Sliamond Tower Gold
Sliamond Tower Gold
Gold Slime Tower Gold
TycoonTower of Tokyo Gold
TycoonTower of NYC Gold
TycoonTower of Cairo Gold
TycoonTower of Paris Gold
TycoonTower of London Gold
MtGoldenest of Tokyo Gold
MtGoldenest of NYC Gold
MtGoldenest of Cairo Gold
MtGoldenest of Paris Gold
MtGoldenest of London Gold
Gold wood of Tokyo Gold
Gold wood of NYC Gold
Gold wood of Cairo Gold
Gold wood of Paris Gold
Gold wood of London Gold
Mysterious Hard Labor Zone Gold
Garbi Desert Gold
Aja's Tower Gold
Wacky Hanami Party Gold
Crocodile Eighteen Gold
Mamayan Ruins Gold
Heck Yeah High School Gold
Turtle Bath Gold
Santa Flophouse Gold


Used In Edit

Equipment Type Qty
Legendary Golden Bat Weapon 3

See AlsoEdit

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