The Golden Pyramid (GP in short) is special dungeon that requires more than just energy to enter; five Golden Fragments or one Golden Key would be deducted per run as well. GP houses a variety of monsters and a number of unique bosses. It is thus essential to do multiple GP runs in order to properly complete the Monster Shelf.

End-game EquipmentEdit

The cost of doing GP is justified in that certain equipment unique to its doors are end-game worthy. Some of these include

  • Legendary Fan (from Cool Fan)
  • Legendary Thunder Hammer (from Thunder Hammer)
  • Henoheno Mask
  • Curry Knight set - Curry Knight Helm and Curry Knight's Armor
  • Gilgamesh set - Gilgamesh's Helmet and Gilgamesh Armor
  • Inubis set - Inubis Hat and Inubis Robe
  • Anti-archer Shield
  • Chu Shield

 Doors Edit

Door Goal Boss Gold Chest Plat Chest
Main Door (1-20F)
Ancient Cyber Sphinx Thunder Sword
Sailor Knight Tiara
Sailor Knightwear
Sailor Knight Shield
Pharaoh Head
Pharaoh Body
Pharaoh Shield
Golden Gavel
Main Door (21-30F)


Mummy Master
Inubis Hat
Inubis Robe
Anti-archer Shield
Thunder God Helmet
Thunder God Armor
Thunder God Shield
Thunder Hammer
Great King's Door
Goblin God Gilgamesh's Helmet
Gilgamesh Armor
Mechacha Head
Mecha Magic Robe
Mechamecha's Stick
Beast King Syringe
Ancient Swordsman's Door
Breeze Warrior Cross Blade
Ninja Mask
Ninja Costume
Purification Stick
Henoheno Mask
Henoheno Cape
Ghost Queen's Door
Ghost Queen Desert Garb
Desert Helm
Flower Fairy Clothes
Flower Fairy Hair
Sunflower Shield
Cool Fan
Unbreakable Door Rock-hard Golem Red Telephone Body
Red Telephone Head
Rock Hard Armor
Rock Hard Helm
Chu Shield
Rock Hard Hammer
Ultra-Spicy Door Curry Dragon Aja Clothes
Aja's Turban
Holy Spoon
Curry Knight's Armor
Curry Knight Helm

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