We finally have a reason to use Heck Queen! This wing of Golden Pyramid is full of ice, sleep, AND confusion. Plenty of high dodge also. The whole area also happens to be in the darkness, but at least you don't need to worry about traps.

In the boss room, ghosts or dolls will appear as you approach empty squares and the boss will constantly be throwing status effects at you. The boss casts Grudge on death.

Sadly the boss doesn't guarantee a good chest (7 runs and she's only dropped silver chests for me). As with all Pyramid bosses, you can use the Red Castanets to steal all the unique items.

Recommended gear: Heck Queen Set (lots of sleep and confusion), Ice Shield (lots of freeze), Legendary Galactic Baton (Legendary Rod of Light isn't bad with Holy Blow and Auto Lamp but not worth leveling, Legendary Banana works well), 3 Heals, 1 Falcon, and the Red Castanets if you have them. (If you have Pako then I'd bring 1 Bug Spray to help with gold slimes to maximize XP until you switch out for the boss)

Note: Have heal prepped any time you see a doll, the blue ones explode for 10+ damage.