Ice-all Scroll
Ice-All Scroll
Rarity ★★★★
Type Scroll
Effect Attack Magic
Turn 22, 23, 25, 29, 35, 42
Buy Gold 7800
Sell Gold 380

Ice-all Scroll is a moderately expensive water-removing spell which can easily be found in mid Dandy Dungeon 1. Its effect is an upgrade of Ice Scroll.


Summon a freezing snowstorm! Freezes and damages enemies!


Does Ice damage and freezes all within a 5x5 square area around the Hero (two squares radius from the Hero). This makes water-filled tiles frozen and thus solid for the Hero to cross.

Where to Find Edit

Dungeon LootEdit

Dungeon Chest
Road to Demon Lord's Castle: 1 (Randomly on floor)
Road to Demon Lord's Castle: 2 (Randomly on floor)
House of Nanjaro Gold Chest

Tips & Usage Edit

Overcoming Water TilesEdit

Upon using Ice-all Scroll, water in the area of the spell's effect is removed. This allows access to previously inaccessible treasures and enemies.

  • Walking over these previously water-filled tiles requires casting the spell prior to tracing the path to the exit.
  • This is sometimes rivaled by Momoze Scroll, which might be easier to find in dungeons but gets the same job done in a different area of effect.
  • Turtle Bath and Secret Shrine require this ability to access their special goal doors.
  • Garbi Desert is yet another option which makes Ice-all Scroll useful - clearing the water from the map can allow the Hero to access both the mini-boss Bone Dragon while taking the expert path.

Counter to Falcon StatusEdit

Enemies with high evasion or with a falcon status can be more easily dealt with when frozen - a guaranteed proc when Ice-all Scroll is used.

Ice Killer SkillEdit

Ice-all Scroll's guaranteed freeze status proc pairs well with the Ice Killer skill found in some hammers, which grants a damage multiplier on damage dealt on frozen enemies.

Ice-all Scroll (Broken)Edit

Ice-all Scroll (Broken)
Rarity ★★★
Type Broken Spell
Sell Gold 50

Used InEdit

Equipment Type Qty
King Yamada's Scepter Weapon 1

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