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Inoue en

Event DetailsEdit

Every Sunday between 7pm and Midnight!

Inoue, perpetual wanderer of Tokyo, will stop by Yamada-kun's room every Sunday night, if you're around. Please look forward to conversing with this particular guy!

(You'll have to have reached a certain point in the story before Inoue shows up in your game!)


What you get depends on how you respond to Inoue during the event.

1: Heyyyyy dudeeeee

  • Inoue! How you been! (Go to 2)
  • Inoue! Buddy, I'm real busy~ (Go to 2)

2: You need anything, friendo?

  • I need items! (Go to 3A)
  • I need dungeons! (Go to 3B)
  • I have too much gold! (Go to 3C)

3A: Guess what I got?

  • Healing medicine is good! (Get 2 Medicine)
  • I want attack magic! (Get 2 Thunderall Scrolls)
  • I want falcon magic! (Get 2 Falcon Scrolls)
  • Poison Powder, please! (Get 2 Poison Powder)

3B: Guess what I got?

  • I hope it's a King Sliamond Tower! (Get King Sliamond Tower LV1)
  • Dragon Castle please! (Get Legendary Dragonkeep LV1)
  • Garbi Desert, please! (Get Garbi Desert LV1)

3C: How much gold is too much?

  • 0G (Get Iron Ore)
  • 20,000G (Lose 20,000G, Get Gold Ore)
  • 100,000G (Lose 100,000G, Get Diamond)

Tips Edit

  • Force closing the application restarts the dialogue. This corrects any wrong choices made.
  • For 3A: Falcon is the only good choice in this category.
  • For 3B: Garbi is the most common share on Twitter, so look out for 5-star dungeon shares from Sunday to Monday.
  • For 3C: Gold ore seems to be the best value for money. Then again, a diamond never hurts. As of the Halloween Event, Diamonds can be obtained through regular means with the use of the skill Trick Ball DX.


  • A Legendary Dragonkeep dungeon spell is given despite being offered Dragon Castle's.