Mamazon is a large female character who runs the IAP shop,

Character Profile
Alias Mamazon
Mamayan's Hero
Race Mamayan
Gender Female
Location Yamada's apartment
Occupation Self employed (
Affiliation Mamazoness (ally)
Mamazoness Priest (ally)
Mammoth Chests
Type 1 {{{type1}}}
Type 2 None
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Battle Info
Weak to ?
Immune to ?
Main Drops ?
Other Drops ?


She twice as tall as Yamada, and at times does not fully enter Yamada's apartment unlike other characters. She wears a headband with the "yen (¥)" symbol, and a red dress that reads "shop".

IAP ShopEdit

Mamazon's IAP shop is accessible from Yamada's apartment through a small shortcut with her smiling face on it.

Mamayan RuinsEdit

On Thursday evenings, Mamazon will come around Yamada's apartment to inform the player of a public debug featuring the Mamayan Ruins

Mamazon also visits Yamada in his room whenever Yamada exits the Mamayan Ruins during the event's period, regardless of a successful clear. A new Mamayan Ruins dungeon scroll will magically appear from under Mamazon's dress and be gifted to Yamada. Apart from Twitter shares, this dungeon scroll can only be obtained via Mamazon's event entrance cutscene and the completion of Mamayan Ruins during the event period.

As the player defeats more Mamazoness during the event, so will Mamazon come by with a bigger party and celebration to congratulate Yamada's progress. This cutscene can be shared on Twitter.

Music ThemeEdit

Mamazon's theme can be heard here , courtesy of Jonathan Corgan.


  • "Stay Mamazing~!"
  • "What a cool guy!"


  • Mamazon appears in the background of some Dandy Collections - Bathtime, Bodycon, Godzalla, Gyuru, Pro Golfer and Yokozuna sets.
  • Mamayan statues in the Mamayan Ruins resemble Mamazon.

Name OriginEdit

Mamazon may be a combination of mama (mother) and Amazon , which doubles as her homeland and origin.