Merchant Aja
Merchant Aja
Character Profile
Alias Dungeon Merchant
The Best Programmer
Race Human (possibly Indian)
Gender Male
Location Yamada's apartment
Golden Pyramid (Main Door)9F, 19F, 29F
Yamada's Woods
Yamada Underground
Road to Demon Lord Castle: 1
Road to Demon Lord Castle: 2
Demon Lord Castle
Aja's Tower
Occupation Dungeon Merchant
Affiliation Oja (brother)
Mei (niece)
Oi (nephew)
Type 1 Boss(type)
Type 2 None
300 40 20 0
Battle Info
Abilities Dance
Magic Barrier
Summon Minion
Weak to ?
Immune to ?
Main Drops Angel Shield
Crystal Sword
Falcon Sword
Ice Sword
Old Axe
Old Sword
Other Drops Rare Jade
He's got many items! Don't steal!

Merchant Aja is an acquaintance of Yamada who visits the player often, mostly to break the news of an event (aka public debug).

Merchant Aja also appears in the Turtle Bath as Aja (Nude).


Aja is a dark-skinned man believed to be Indian. He wears a turban with a reflective red gem at its front. He also has a black mustache which is similar to Yamada's.

As The Best ProgrammerEdit

When not in Yamada's game, Aja wears a dark grey suit and pants, paired with a white inner shirt, a ruby-colored tie and brown shoes.

Aja sometimes appears with two floating laptops.

As a dungeon merchantEdit

Aja wears a purple robe with a green inner wear.



Aja: Yo Yamada-san! Namaste. I'm Aja. I'm The Best Programmer. Look, Yamada, dude. I don't think you're being very efficient, bro. We gotta step up this operation. The way I see it...Your game lacks two key features. For example! 1. There's not a lot to buy with GOLD. 2. You don't have enough human characters in the dungeons.

Yamada:Hmm. Hmm. First of all! Thanks for your feedback. I'm genuinely flattered that you took an interest. Also, uh. You might be right.

Aja: Well, I'd say--for starters--Put me in the game. I can be the Dungeon Merchant. This will solve both issues at once! How about it, dude?

Implement one of Aja's systems? (He's The Best Programmer)

Dungeon Merchant

Let Aja appear in-game

Take a rain check

Aja: Yamada-san! You chose wisely. I can implement this in about... ...five seconds. Please stand back!




Aja: Okay. It's done, dude. Report any bugs ASAP. Feel free to call me anytime weekdays after 7am. Talk to you soon, Yamada. I'm goin' to the gym.

Yamada: Wow, yeah. That guy really is... ... The Best Programmer.

Aja and Yamada-kun implemented "Dungeon Merchant"!

When visiting Aja's ShopEdit

When trespassing/stealing from Aja's ShopEdit

In BattleEdit

Normal Attack StyleEdit

Type: Melee
Range: 1 tile
Hostility: Not unless attacked



  • Effect: Charges up for a critical hit
  • Countdown: Yes
  • Range: Directly in front (only after attacked)


  • Effect: Casts falcon (on self)
  • Countdown: No
  • Range: Anywhere on map (only after attacked)

Magic BarrierEdit

  • Effect: Casts magic barrier* (on self)
  • Countdown: No
  • Range: Anywhere on map (only after attacked)

*Aja spawns on the map with an auto-magic barrier

  • Aja will almost immediately re-cast another magic barrier once the current one breaks.

Summon MinionEdit

Where to FindEdit


Item Normal Drop RC Drop
Angel Shield X
Crystal Sword X
Flyswatter X
Falcon Sword X
Ice Sword X
Naginata X
Old Axe X
Old Sword X
Rare Jade X

Golden Pyramid (Main Door), 29FEdit

Item Normal Drop RC Drop
Inubis Hat X
Inubis Robe X
Anti-archer Shield X
Sailor Knight Tiara X
Sailor Knightwear X
Sailor Knight Shield X
Pharaoh Head X
Pharaoh Body X
Pharaoh Shield X
Gilgamesh's Helmet X
Gilgamesh Armor X
Mechacha Head X
Mecha Magic Robe X
Mechamecha's Stick X
Thunder Sword X

Road to Demon Lord Castle: 1Edit

Item Normal Drop RC Drop
Angel Shield X
Thunder Stone X
Metal Helm X

Dungeon MerchantEdit

In the dungeons, Aja runs a shop which stocks 3-5 items. These items are notably cheaper than the Item Shop which is accessible in Yamada's apartment.

For more details on his shop's goods, see Aja's Shop.

Stealing from Aja Edit

See Aja's Shop.


  • The skill Trick Ball DX will get reflected off his Magic Barrier, thus morphing the hero into another enemy on the floor.
  • Aja appears in the background of several Dandy Collections, including Aja, Curry Knight, Duck, and Yokozuna sets.
  • Several equipment reference to Aja's character, such as the Holy Spoon line, Curry Knight set, and Aja set.
  • Aja appears when the skill Yamanote Recover procs in a dungeon. In this instance, Aja dresses up as a train conductor and bows facing the player.


Japanese Wiki page for Aja.


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