Morph Scroll
Morph Scroll
Rarity ★★★
Type Scroll
Effect Morph magic
Turn 15, 16, 18, 22, 28, 35, 44
Buy Gold 2980
Sell Gold ?

Morph scroll normally transforms the Hero into an object or enemy which can be found on the floor. This allows the Hero to slip past enemies without fighting them.


Transform into a nearby monster Now you can avoid battles!


Transforms the Hero into a monster or inanimate object which can be found on the floor. Enemies will not attack the Hero in this transformed state, and so allows the Hero to swap places with enemies and inanimate objects in the way. This continues until the Hero reaches the GOAL door or faces a boss or special enemy. This spell can be reflected off the Hero's magic barrier if any (see Tips & Usage).

Where to Find Edit

Monster DropsEdit


Dungeon LootEdit

Dungeon Chest
Yamada's Woods (Randomly on floor)
Fungus Forest (Randomly on floor)
Corpsewoods (Randomly on floor)
Aja's Tower (Randomly on floor)

Tips & Usage Edit

Stealing from AjaEdit

You can also use this to steal from Aja.

Removing EnemiesEdit

When used on the Hero with magic barrier status, Morph Scroll's effect will reflect off the Hero and onto a nearby enemy. This turns the enemy into an inanimate object, with the exception of Bosses and Aja himself. Doing so is thus an option to remove enemies so as to pass through the floor without having to deal with harder enemies.

  • This however removes any perks from killing normal enemies - the Hero will not get any EXP from destroying this transformed object. Loot drops will follow the object's instead of the original enemy's drop table.

Used In Edit

Equipment Type Qty
Heck Queen Glasses Armor 1


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