Poison Scroll
Poison Scroll
Rarity ★★
Type Scroll
Effect Poison magic
Turn 12, 13, 15, 19, 25, 32, 41
Buy Gold 1980
Sell Gold 60

Poison Scroll is a low-cost area-of-effect attack which poisons all enemies which are not immune to poison.


Summons a poisonous mist. Damages all enemies over time


Inflicts Poison status on all enemies in the room. Reflects off magical barriers. Stacks as deadly poison status when used on an already poisoned foe.

Where to Find Edit

Monster DropsEdit

Dungeon LootEdit

Dungeon Chest
The Local Sewer Randomly on floor
Feudal Basement Randomly on floor
Tokugawa Cave Randomly on floor

Tips & Usage Edit

Slime FamilyEdit

When used on slimes and those in the same family,  these slimes will turn into poisli instead.

  • This is a viable but uncommon tactic when using Poison Killer.
  • Poisli are not affected by the poison status.


When used on Komebitsu and Komebitsu's Sister, both bosses will instead fall asleep after getting poisoned. This transition may not be immediate.

Heck Yeah High SchoolEdit

When paired with a 1 ATK weapon, it is possible to get first placing in the weekly Tuesday event Heck Yeah High School challenge. The scroll's effect and cooldown can be further optimized with an appropriate armor set, e.g. the Red Ninja or Anubis set.

Poison Scroll (Broken)Edit

Poison Scroll (Broken)
Rarity ★★
Type Broken Spell
Sell Gold 20

Used InEdit

Equipment Type Qty
Assassin Dagger Weapon 1
Legendary Assassin Dagger Weapon 1


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