Rare Jade
Rare Jade2
Rarity ★★★★★
Type Material
Buy Clovercur x 20
Sell Gold 5000
Some bosses might drop this
Needed to upgrade a legendary slime sword...!
- Inventory Info

Rare Jade is a rare material that is exclusive to the use of Red Castanets. Players without this tool can only obtain it alternatively via a Rare Item Shop purchase.

Where to Find Edit

Monster DropsEdit

Monster Normal Drop RC Drop
Slime X*
Chairman Ayanokoji X*
Komebitsu X*
Masamune (Robe) X*
Baibai X*
Flying Ayanokoji X*
Merchant Aja X*
Garbage Mummy X*
Galaxy Nobiyo X*
Holy Monkey God X*
Site Manager Iwai (Enraged) X*
Don Luciano X*
Godfather Luciano X*
Heavenly King BuSuYa X*
The Newlyweds X*
Golden Goblin God X*
Golden Ghost Queen X*
Golden Curry Dragon X*
Anna-chan X*
Programmer ZUN X*
Inuberus X*
Sato the Thief X*
Suzuki the Monk X*
Bronson the Dark Knight X*
Mobile Suit Nigoro X*

*Once only.


Shop Cost Chest
Rare Item Shop Clovercur x 20 -

Used In Edit

Equipment Type Qty
Dirty Sword* Weapon 1
Slime Sword* Weapon 2
Legendary Slime Sword Weapon 4
Legendary Yamanote Sword Weapon 1
Legendary Melonginus Spear Weapon 2
Legendary Trident Weapon 1
Legendary Yamanote Axe Weapon 1
Legendary Urashima Pole Weapon 1
Yamanote Lance Weapon 1
Yamanote E Shield Shield 1
Elusive Yamanote Shield Shield 1

*Duplicate copy required for final upgrade

See AlsoEdit

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