Secret Shrine
Secret Shrine
Cost 0 Energy
Goal 2F Floor
Earn 0 EXP
Difficulty -
Dungeon Spell
Rarity ???
Source Ruurarara Scroll
Hidden Rewards Occhaman SetDrops

Also known as the 8-bit Dungeon, Secret Shrine is a secret dungeon only accessible if you use the Ruurarara Scroll in any dungeon. It is the only source of the Occhaman Set, and currently the only place to properly farm 8-bit Fragments.

Getting to the Shrine Edit

  1. Have a Ruurarara Scroll ready, as well as an Ice-All Scroll or Momoze Scroll.
  2. Attempt any dungeon.*
  3. With the exception of final floors, use the Ruurarara Scroll. The Hero will get teleported to a different map - the Lonely Island (see Gallery below).
  4. Upon arrival on the Lonely Island, do not trace a route to the Goal. Instead, use either Ice-All Scroll or Momoze Scroll.
  5. Trace a route to reach the graveyard at the top. Pillaging the village for some gold along the way is optional.
  6. On reaching the next map, trace a path through the red dragons at the top - the 8-bit Dragon Kings.
    • Defeat the 8bit Dragon King on the top right. A piece from the Occhaman Set is a guaranteed drop.
    • (Optional) Use the Melonginus Scroll to taking out most enemies including the ice mage.
    • (Optional) Defeat other enemies for a chance to yield 8-bit Fragments.
  7. Exit the 8-Bit Dungeon to the next floor of the original dungeon.

*See Tips below.




Monster Floor Drops
8bit Bat 2F 8-bit Fragment
8Bit Dark Mage 2F 8-bit Fragment
8bit Dragon 2F 8-bit Fragment
8bit Dragon KingBoss 2F 8-bit Fragment



Dragon 192 16 16 8


Weapon Armor Shield Items
Any Peach Warrior Set Immunity Shield Ruurarara, (Momoze or Ice-all), Melonginus, Falcon, Heal
Any Peach Warrior Set Ice Shield Ruurarara, (Momoze or Ice-all), Falcon, 2 Heal



  • Corpsewoods is an ideal location for Secret Shrine runs. Right before landing the final hit on the last enemy on the 5F, prepare the Ruurarara Scroll and use it immediately it after the kill. Doing so will gain the Hero a level between the two Dragons in the 8-Bit Dungeon, thus making the run easier.
  • Melonginus Scroll can be used to deal with the 8-Bit Dark Mage from the start, thus preventing any it from casting Ice-all which can hinder the run.
    • Doing so frees the shield slot from Ice Shield, and so allows for the use of Immunity Shield to deal with the 8-bit Dragons' poison breath.

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