Shields are a part of the Hero's armor. As some shields give unique abilities when equipped, Dandy Collection Sets which do not require a shield are often preferred for greater flexibility in optimizing the Hero's skills.

Common ShieldsEdit

These shields can be obtained normally from dungeons as dungeon chest rewards.

Name Rarity Source
Angel Shield
Angel Shield ★★★ Road to Demon Lord Castle: 1
Merchant AjaLoot
Anti-archer Shield
Anti-archer Shield ★★★ Golden Pyramid (Main Door)


Beginner Shield
Beginner Shield Starting Gear
Birthday Shield
Birthday Shield ★★★ Mimiqueen's Villa
Boombox Shield
Boombox Shield ★★★ Maestro Nobiyo's Farm
Broken Shield
Broken Shield ★★ Road to Demon Lord Castle: 2(Aja's Shop)
Demon Lord Castle(Aja's Shop)
Godot's Shop
Buckler ★★ Fungus Forest
Burnt Shield
Burnt Shield ★★ Yamada's WoodsAja's Shop
Godot's Shop
Cat Food Tin
Cat Food Tin ★★ Chateau Felin
Chu Shield
Chu Shield ★★★ Golden Pyramid (Unbreakable Door)
Cold Beer
Cold Beer ★★★ Yamada UndergroundAja's Shop
Dark Shield
Dark Shield ★★★★ Garbi Desert
Dirty Shield
Dirty Shield ★★ The Local Sewer
Dragon Shield
Dragon Shield ★★★★ Road to Demon Lord Castle: 1Gold Trophy
Empire Bag
Empire Bag ★★ Demon Lord Castle
Fancy Fan
Fancy Fan ★★★ Slimurai Hamlet
Fire Shield
Fire Shield ★★★ (Evolution) Burnt Shield
Golem Shield
Golem Shield ★★★ Fire Golem Cave
Heal Shield
Heal Shield ★★★ (Evolution) Hurt Shield
Holy Shield
Holy Shield ★★★★ Holy Thelomon Castle
Hurt Shield
Hurt Shield ★★ Mysterious Hard Labor Zone
Ice Shield
Ice Shield ★★★ (Evolution) Melted Shield
Immunity Shield
Immunity Shield ★★★ (Evolution) Stinky Shield
Insomnia Shield
Insomnia Shield ★★★ (Evolution) Sleepy Shield
Iron Shield
Iron Shield Princess Tower
King Yamada Shield
King Yamada Shield ★★★★ Legendary Dragonkeep
Magic Shield
Magic Shield ★★ Yamada Underground
Melted Shield
Melted Shield ★★ Yamada UndergroundAja's Shop
Godot's Shop
Mirror Shield
Mirror Shield ★★★ (Evolution) Dirty Shield
Mystery Bell
Mystery Bell ★★★★ Tatari Tower Station
Noble Shield
Noble Shield ★★ House of Dolls
Occhaman Shield
Occhaman Shief ★★★ 8-Bit Dungeon
Pharaoh Shield
Pharaoh Shield ★★★ Golden Pyramid (Main Door)
Pirate Hook
Pirate Hook ★★★★ Cap'n Bone's Big Boat
Pot Lid
Pot Lid Fungus Forest
Pumpkin Shield
Pumpkin Shield ★★★ Pumpkin Patch
Pumpkin Witch Shield
Pumpkin Witch Shield ★★ Spell Academy
Sailor Knight Shield
Sailor Knight Shield ★★★ Golden Pyramid (Main Door)
Security Shield
Security Shield ★★ Road to Demon Lord Castle: 2
Godot's Shop
Shield of Wisdom
Shield of Wisdom ★★ Feudal Basement
Sir Doburokus Shield
Sir Doburoku's Shield ★★★★ Doburoku Station
Skull Shield
Skull Shield ★★ Chairman's Tower
Sleepy Shield
Sleepy Shield ★★ Corpsewoods
Steel Shield
Steel Shield ★★ Yamada's Woods
Stinky Shield
Stinky Shield ★★ Corpsewoods
Sunflower Shield
Sunflower Shield ★★★ Golden Pyramid (Ghost Queen's Door)
Thunder God Shield
Thunder God Shield ★★★★ Golden Pyramid (Main Door)
Thunder Shield
Thunder Shield ★★★ (Evolution) Broken Shield
Wood Shield
Wood Shield ★★ Weird Woody Woods

Cleaning Stamp RewardsEdit

Shields obtained from collecting Cleaning Stamps can sometimes be bought from the Rare Item Shop in Happy Clovers Clovercur.

Name Rarity Source
Baseball King Glove
Baseball King Glove ★★★★ Cleaning Stamps88 Days
Bug King Shield
Bug King Shield ★★★★ Cleaning Stamps? Days
Coral Shield
Coral Shield ★★★★ Cleaning Stamps361 Days
Crab Marshall Shield
Crab Marshall Shield ★★★★ Cleaning Stamps180 Days
Glutton King Shield
Glutton King Shield ★★★★ Cleaning Stamps210 Days
Kabuki King Lantern
Kabuki King Lantern ★★★★ Cleaning Stamps240 Days
Kong King Shield
Kong King Shield ★★★★ Cleaning Stamps300 Days
Strawberry Cake Shield
Strawberry Cake Shield ★★★★ Cleaning Stamps451 Days
Tengu Leaf Shield
Tengu Leaf Shield ★★★★ Cleaning Stamps330 Days
Tiger Shield
Tiger Shield ★★★★ Cleaning Stamps270 Days
Tycoon Billwad
Tycoon Billwad ★★★★ Cleaning Stamps150 Days
Viking Shield
Viking Shield ★★★★ Cleaning Stamps391 Days

Rare Item ShopEdit

This shield can only be obtained from purchasing from the Rare Item Shop using Happy Clovers Clovercur.

Name Rarity Source
Balloon Shield
Balloon Shield ★★★★ Rare Item Shop
Premium Beer
Premium Beer ★★★★ Rare Item Shop

Bathtime Club Tonight RewardsEdit

This shield can only be obtained from collecting Turtle Badges Tb from clearing Turtle Bath during the event period.

Name Rarity Source
Turtle Knight Shield
Turtle Knight Shield ★★★★ Tb x200

Hungry Questers ExclusiveEdit

These shields are only made available thorough seasonal releases via the Weapon Castle of Phantom.

Name Rarity Source
Bulletproof Shield
Bulletproof Shield ★★★ Hungry Questers exclusive
Bulletproof Shield Dx
Bulletproof Shield Dx ★★★★ (Evolution) Bulletproof Shield
Cosmos Shield
Cosmo Shield ★★★ Hungry Questers exclusive
Fuji Shield
Fuji Shield ★★★ Hungry Questers exclusive
Fuji Big Shield
Fuji Big Shield ★★★★ (Evolution) Fuji Shield
Galaxy Shield
Galaxy Shield ★★★★ (Evolution) Cosmos Shield
Gauntlet ★★★ Hungry Questers exclusive
Gauntlet of Justice
Gauntlet of Justice ★★★★ (Evolution) Gauntlet
Onion Shield
Onion Shield ★★★ Hungry Questers exclusive
Yamanote Shield
Yamanote Shield ★★★ Hungry Questers exclusive
Yamanote E Shield
Yamanote E Shield ★★★★ (Evolution) Yamanote Shield
Elusive Yamanote Shield
Elusive Yamanote Shield ★★★★★ (Evolution) Yamanote E Shield