Sleep Scroll
Sleep Scroll
Rarity ★★
Type Scroll
Effect Sleep Magic
Turn 12, 13, 15, 19, 25, 32, 41
Buy Gold 1980
Sell Gold 60

Sleep Scroll is an affordable sleep-inducing spell which can easily be found in mid Dandy Dungeon 1.


Lull enemies to sleep. All enemies will be inactive!


Puts all enemies in the room to sleep. When used consecutively on enemies already asleep, these enemies will go into deep sleep - a status which gives a higher chance of the enemy remaining asleep.

Where to Find Edit

Dungeon LootEdit

Dungeon Chest
Golden Pyramid (Randomly on floor)
Yamada the Wanderer (Randomly on floor)
Nearby Mansion (Randomly on floor)
Chateau Felin (Randomly on floor)

Tips & Usage Edit

Mamayan RuinsEdit

Timing the sleep properly can help keep spawning Mamazoness Priest in check to maximize the Hero's output damage per second within the limited number of turns fighting the boss.

Beast(type) bossesEdit

Beast-type monsters, such as Goblins, Pigs and Cats, are extremely susceptible to the Sleep status; there is a high chance of these monsters staying asleep for more turns than usual.

Golden PyramidEdit

When dealing with multiple floors of Danger Zones, AoE spells like sleep is useful for preventing and reducing the damage taken by the hero while fighting other monsters.

This is a plausible tactic to deal with Arara and Gorememphis, both of which are capable of summoning multiple minions instantly.

Sleep Scroll (Broken)Edit

Sleep Scroll (Broken)
Rarity ★★
Type Broken Spell
Sell Gold 10

Dungeon LootEdit

Dungeon Chest
House of Nanjaro (Randomly in pots)

Used InEdit

Equipment Type Qty
Sleep Sword Weapon 1
Legendary Sleep Sword Weapon 1
Legendary Cross Blade Weapon 1
Insomnia Shield Shield 1

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