Stone Pig
Stone Pig
Type 1 Gold(type)
Type 2 None
3 9 60 50
Battle Info
Abilities None
Weak to ?
Immune to ?
Main Drops Iron Ore
Silver Ore
Stones, Ores and Premium Ores (all types)
Other Drops ?
Rare pork! Often drops precious gems
- Monster Shelf

In BattleEdit

Normal Attack StyleEdit

Type: Melee
Range: Straight line
Hostility: Within range



Where to FindEdit


Item Normal Drop RC Drop
Iron Ore X
Silver Ore X X
Gold Ore X X
Axe Stone X
Dark Stone X
Fire Stone X
Hammer Stone X
Ice Stone X
Holy Stone X
Katana Stone X
Spear Stone X
Sword Stone X
Thunder Stone X
Whip Stone X
Axe Ore X
Dark Ore X
Fire Ore X
Hammer Ore X
Ice Ore X
Holy Ore X
Katana Ore X
Spear Ore X
Sword Ore X
Thunder Ore X
Whip Ore X
Premium Axe Ore X X
Premium Dark Ore X X
Premium Fire Ore X X
Premium Hammer Ore X X
Premium Ice Ore X X
Premium Holy Ore X X
Premium Katana Ore X X
Premium Spear Ore X X
Premium Sword Ore X X
Premium Thunder Ore X X
Premium Whip Ore X X

Trick Ball DXEdit

With the use of Trick Ball and/or Trick Ball DX, Stone Pigs are known to have a different drop table.

Item Normal Drop RC Drop
Gold Ore X
Diamond X
10 Gold X


  • Red Castanets can be used to steal almost every Premium Ore in game.
  • Trick Ball and Trick Ball DX, when used on Stone Pig, is currently the only method in-game to obtain multiple Diamonds readily, without having to spend Gold.
    • These drops are affected my re-seeding the same floor.

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