Main Story Dungeons Edit

Dungeon Base Difficulty Cost Goal Earn Enemy type Hidden Treasures Complete Clear Story Boss drops Must Drops Recommended Equipments
Princess Tower Easy 10 Energy 4 Floors 30 EXP Slime, Goblin Iron Sword, Iron Shield, Iron Armor, Iron Helmet Sword Stone none none none
Chairman's Tower Easy 13 Energy 5 Floors 25 EXP Magician Iron Axe, Iron Spear, Barbarian Garb, Barbarian Helmet, Skull Shield, Old Sword Silver Ore Shadow Warrior Stone, Thief Hood, Thief Clothes, Thief Pipe Antidote(3F) Magic Barrier Scroll, Blockbuster Scroll
Yamada the Wanderer Easy 20 Energy 3 Floors 30 EXP Goblin School Uniform, School Hat, Iron Frying Pan, Chef Uniform, Chef Hat, Ancient Dagger, Fire Sword Rice Ball none Blockade Scroll(1/2F) none
Fungus Forest Easy 25 Energy 4 Floors 40 EXP Nature Leaf, Turd Hat, Pot Lid, Iron Claw, Buckler, Turd Staff Axe Stone none Boomerang(2F) none
Corpsewoods Easy 25 Energy 6 Floors 40 EXP Nature, Undead Hunter Garb, Hunter Cap, Beast Whip, Rapier, Sleepy Shield, Stinky Shield, Cape of the Wind Spear Stone none Ratbag(1F) Ratbag(1F)
Queen's Castle Normal 30 Energy 7 Floors 40 EXP Beast, Nature Iron Hammer, Lady Underwear, Panties, Chu Knight Helmet, Chu Knight Armor, Grass Scythe, Fly Swatter Whip Ore Queen Stone, Queen Glasses, Queen's Dress, Queen's Whip
Yamada's Woods Normal 30 Energy 3 Floors 60 EXP Insect, Nature Minotaur Pants, Minotaur Head, Steel Sword, Steel Shield, Steel Armor, Steel Helmet, Wind Scarf Golden Fragment none none none
The Local Sewer Normal 30 Energy 4 Floors 60 EXP Undead, Fire Foot Soldier Armor, Foot Soldier Helmet, Wooden Sword, Metal Bat, Dirty Shield, Woodcutter, Army Knife Hammer Ore none Don't use Fire weapons(4F)
Feudal Basement Normal 30 Energy 5 Floors 60 EXP Samurai, Undead Camouflage Clothes, Camouflage Hat, Katana, Shield of Wisdom, Samurai Armor, Samurai Helmet, Naginata Spear Ore none Bug Spray(3F)
Tokugawa Cave Hard 40 Energy 8 Floors 60 EXP Samurai, Undead Duck Outfit, Duck Hat, Power Pole, Son Goku Wear, Son Goku Band, Old Axe Katana Ore Warrior Stone, Momotaro Headband, Momotaro Kimono, The Masamune Blockbuster Scroll, Poison Scroll (Poison Scroll turns Samurai Slime into Poisli which is easier to defeat but exp and drops gained are also changed, so you should consider if you wanna use it.)
Yamada Undergound Hard 40 Energy 3 Floors 70 EXP Samurai, Undead Holy Book, Magic Shield, Magic Armor, Magic Helmet, Iron Ore, Steel Axe, Crystal Sword Sword Ore none
Nearby Mansion Normal 40 Energy 4 Floors 70 EXP Ghost, Fire Sleep Sword, Bent Staff, Steel Hammer, Ice Sword, Mage Robe, Mage Hood Priest Robe none
Chateau Felin Normal 40 Energy 5 Floors 70 EXP Beast, Ghost Cat Food Tin, Nyan Knight Suit, Nyan Knight Hat, Cat Claws, Jagged Sword Priest Hat none
House of Dolls Hard 45 Energy 8 Floors 70 EXP Beast, Ghost Partizan, Noble Cape, Noble Shield, Noble Hat, Thief Clothes, Rod of Light Thief Hood Doctor Stone, Priest Hat, Priest Robe, Book of Revelations
Road to Demon Lord Castle: 1 Hard 45 Energy 4 Floors 60 EXP Beast, Dragon Dragon Dagger, Firefighter Uniform, Firefighter Hat, Angel Shield Dragon Shield none
Road to Demon Lord Castle: 2 Hard 45 Energy 5 Floors 80 EXP Dragon Security Shield, Destruction Armor, Falcon Sword, Metal Suit Dragon Helm none
Demon Lord Castle Hard 50 Energy 9 Floors 80 EXP Boss Steel Zweihander, Empire Bag, Empire Suit, Dragon Armor, Devil Axe, Thunder Sword, Wind Scythe Demon Lord Rod Empire Stone, Demon Lord Helm, Demon Lord Robe, Demon Lord Rod