Weapons come in various classes. Like armor and shields, weapons are optional to equip before sending the Hero out to complete a dungeon. Apart from certain event weapons exclusive to Hungry Questers, some other weapons also appear periodically in the [[Hungry Questers

Weapon SkillsEdit

See Weapon Skills.

Weapon StatsEdit

See List of Weapons by Stats.


Name Rarity Source
Naked - -

One-handed SwordsEdit

Name Rarity Source
Beginners Sword
Beginner's Sword [Starting Gear]
Iron Sword
Iron Sword Princess Tower
Steel Sword
Steel Sword ★★ Yamada's Woods
Evolve Iron Sword
Crystal Sword
Crystal Sword ★★★ Yamada Underground
Merchant AjaLoot
Evolve Steel Sword
Legendary Crystal Sword
Legendary Crystal Sword ★★★★ Evolve Crystal Sword
Rapier ★★ Corpsewoods
Sleep Sword
Sleep Sword ★★ Nearby Mansion
Evolve Rapier
Legendary Sleep Sword
Legendary Sleep Sword ★★★ Evolve Sleep Sword
Ancient Dagger
Ancient Dagger ★★ Yamada the Wanderer
Assassin Dagger
Assassin Dagger ★★★ Evolve Ancient Dagger
Legendary Assassin Dagger
Legendary Assassin Dagger ★★★★ Evolve Assassin Dagger
Metallic Sword
Metallic Sword ★★ Yamada Underground
8-Bit Dungeon
Metal Killer
Metal Killer ★★★ Evolve Metallic Sword
Legendary Metal Killer
Legendary Metal Killer ★★★★ Evolve Metal Killer
Dragon Dagger
Dragon Dagger ★★ Road to Demon Lord Castle: 1
Dragonsfang ★★★ Evolve Dragon Dagger
Legendary Dragonsbane
Legendary Dragonsbane ★★★★ Evolve Dragonsfang
Fire Sword
Fire Sword ★★ Yamada the Wanderer
Flame Blade
Flame Blade ★★★ Evolve Fire Sword
Legendary Flame Blade
Legendary Flame Blade ★★★★ Evolve Flame Blade
Ice Sword
Ice Sword ★★★ Nearby Mansion
Merchant AjaLoot
Legendary Ice Sword
Legendary Ice Sword ★★★★ Evolve Ice Sword
Thunder Sword
Thunder Sword ★★★ Demon Lord Castle
Golden Pyramid (1-20)
Merchant AjaLoot
Legendary Thunder Sword
Legendary Thunder Sword ★★★★ Evolve Thunder Sword
Army Knife
Army Knife ★★★ The Local Sewer
Legendary Army Knife
Legendary Army Knife ★★★★ Evolve Army Knife
Old Sword
Old Sword ★★★ Chairman's Tower
Merchant AjaLoot
Holy Sword
Holy Sword ★★★★ Holy Thelomon Castle
Evolve Old Sword
Legendary Holy Sword
Legendary Holy Sword ★★★★★ Evolve Holy Sword
Holy Sword Banaana
Holy Sword Banaana ★★★★ Holy Thelomon Castle
Legendary Banaana
Legendary Banaana ★★★★★ Evolve Holy Sword Banaana
Jagged Sword
Jagged Sword ★★★ Chateau Felin
Legendary Jagged Sword
Legendary Jagged Sword ★★★★ Evolve Jagged Sword
Falcon Sword
Falcon Sword ★★★ Road to Demon Lord Castle: 2
Merchant AjaLoot
Legendary Falcon Sword
Legendary Falcon Sword ★★★★ Evolve Falcon Sword
Skull Saber
Skull Saber ★★★ Cap'n Bone's Big Boat
Legendary Skull Saber
Legendary Skull Saber ★★★★ Evolve Skull Saber
Bronson's Wicked Sword
Bronson's Wicked Sword ★★★★ Garbi Desert
Legendary Wicked Bronson Sword
Legendary Wicked Bronson Sword ★★★★★ Evolve Bronson's Wicked Sword
Parasol Sword
Parasol Sword ★★★ Pumpkin Patch
Legendary Parasol Sword
Legendary Parasol Sword ★★★★ Evolve Parasol Sword
Shinmyoumarus Needle
Shinmyoumaru's Needle ★★★ Danmaku Castle
Shinmyoumarus Legendary Needle
Shinmyoumaru's Legendary Needle ★★★★ Evolve Shinmyoumaru's Needle
Greasy Sword
Greasy Sword ★★ Princess Tower4F, RC
Dirty Sword
Dirty Sword ★★★ Evolve Greasy Sword
Slime Sword
Slime Sword ★★★★ Evolve Dirty Sword
Legendary Slime Sword
Legendary Slime Sword ★★★★★ Evolve Slime Sword
Yamanote Sword
Yamanote Sword ★★★★ Hungry Questers exclusive
Legendary Yamanote Sword
Legendary Yamanote Sword ★★★★★ Evolve Yamanote Sword
Super Legend Sword Yamate
Super Legend Sword Yamate ★★★★★ Evolve Legendary Yamanote Lance
Junk Blade
Junk Blade ★★★ Tokyo
Solid Blade
Solid Blade ★★★★ Evolve Junk Blade
Legendary Solid Sword
Legendary Solid Sword ★★★★★ Evolve Solid Blade
Fish Sword
Fish Sword ★★★★ Hungry Questers exclusive
Lucky Fish Sword
Lucky Fish Sword ★★★★★ Evolve Fish Sword
Legendary Lucky Fish Sword
Legendary Lucky Fish Sword ★★★★★ Evolve Lucky Fish Sword
Business Warrior Sword
Business Warrior Sword ★★★ Hungry Questers exclusive
Business Warrior Dark Sword
Business Warrior Dark Sword ★★★★ Evolve Business Warrior Sword
Legendary Business Warrior Dark Sword
Legendary Business Warrior Dark Sword ★★★★★ Evolve Business Warrior Dark Sword

Two-handed SwordsEdit

Name Rarity Source
Steel Zweihander
Steel Zweihander ★★ Demon Lord Castle
8-Bit Dungeon
Legendary Steel Zweihander
Legendary Steel Zweihander ★★★ Evolve Steel Zweihander
Christmas Sword
Christmas Sword ★★★★ Santa Flophouse
Legendary Christmas Sword
Legendary Christmas Sword ★★★★★ Evolve Christmas Sword

One-handed KatanasEdit

Name Rarity Source
Wooden Sword
Wooden Sword The Local Sewer
Samurai Dojo
Katana ★★ Feudal Basement
Samurai Dojo
Evolve Wooden Sword
Cross Blade
Cross Blade ★★★ Golden Pyramid (Ancient Swordsman's Door)
Legendary Cross Blade
Legendary Cross Blade ★★★★ Evolve Cross Blade
Turtle Blade
Turtle Blade ★★★★ Turtle Badges500, 600
Legendary Turtle Blade
Legendary Turtle Blade ★★★★★ Evolve Turtle Blade
Blue Dragon Blade
Blue Dragon Blade ★★★ Heck Yeah High School (Event)1st Place Prize
Legendary Blue Dragon Blade
Legendary Blue Dragon Blade ★★★★ Evolve Blue Dragon Blade

Two-handed KatanasEdit

Name Rarity Source
The Masamune
The Masamune ★★★★ Tokugawa CaveBoss
Evolve Katana
Legendary Masamune
Legendary Masamune ★★★★★ Evolve The Masamune
Shinai ★★★ Nishi-Nippori
Legendary Shinai
Legendary Shinai ★★★★ Evolve Shinai

One-handed Spears/LancesEdit

Name Rarity Source
Iron Spear
Iron Spear Chairman's Tower
Partizan ★★ House of Dolls
Evolve Iron Spear
Legendary Partizan
Legendary Partizan ★★★ Evolve Partizan
Naginata ★★★ Feudal Basement
Samurai Dojo
Merchant AjaLoot
Legendary Naginata
Legendary Naginata ★★★★ Evolve Naginata
Trident ★★★★ Dragon King Palace
Legendary Trident
Legendary Trident ★★★★★ Evolve Trident
Power Pole
Power Pole ★★★ Tokugawa Cave
Merchant AjaLoot
Legendary Power Pole
Legendary Power Pole ★★★★ Evolve Power Pole
Asparagus Spear
Asparagus Spear ★★★ Asparaguster's Ranch
Legendary Asparagus Spear
Legendary Asparagus Spear ★★★★ Evolve Asparagus Spear
Beast King Syringe
Beast King Syringe ★★★★ Golden Pyramid (Great King's Door)
Legendary Beast Needle
Legendary Beast Needle ★★★★★ Evolve Beast King Syringe
Sharp Pen
Sharp Pen ★★★ Kanda
Legendary Sharp Pen
Legendary Sharp Pen ★★★★ Evolve Sharp Pen
Mamazoness Spear
Mamazoness Spear ★★★ Gold Mammoth TreasureLoot, RC
Legendary Mamazoness Spear
Legendary Mamazoness Spear ★★★★ Evolve Mamazoness Spear
Lady's Parasol
Lady's Parasol ★★★★ Lavender Avenue Shop
Legendary Lady Parasol
Legendary Lady Parasol ★★★★★ Evolve Lady's Parasol
Big Toothbrush
Big Toothbrush ★★★ Turtle Badges360, 460
Legendary Big Toothbrush
Legendary Big Toothbrush ★★★★ Evolve Big Toothbrush
Melonginus ★★★★ Rare Item Shop
Legendary Melonginus
Legendary Melonginus ★★★★★ Evolve Melonginus
Yamanote Lance
Yamanote Lance ★★★★ Hungry Questers exclusive
Legendary Yamanote Lance
Legendary Yamanote Lance ★★★★★ Evolve Yamanote Lance

Two-handed Spears/LancesEdit

Name Rarity Source
Dragonsfear Donvolg
Dragonsfear Donvolg ★★★★ Raid Tower
Legendary Donvolg
Legendary Donvolg ★★★★★ Evolve Dragonsfear Donvolg

One-handed AxesEdit

Name Rarity Source
Iron Axe
Iron Axe Chairman's Tower
Steel Axe
Steel Axe ★★ Yamada Underground
Evolve Iron Axe
Legendary Steel Axe
Legendary Steel Axe ★★★ Evolve Steel Axe
Old Axe
Old Axe ★★★ Tokugawa Cave
Merchant AjaLoot
Dark Axe
Dark Axe ★★★★ Garbi Desert
Evolve Old Axe
Legendary Dark Axe
Legendary Dark Axe ★★★★★ Evolve Dark Axe
Miners Mattock
Miner's Mattock ★★★ Mysterious Hard Labor Zone
Military Mattock
Military Mattock ★★★★ Evolve Miner's Mattock
Legendary Military Mattock
Legendary Military Mattock ★★★★★ Evolve Military Mattock
Yamanote Axe
Yamanote Axe ★★★★ Hungry Questers exclusive
Legendary Yamanote Axe
Legendary Yamanote Axe ★★★★★ Evolve Yamanote Axe

Two-handed AxesEdit

Name Rarity Source
Woodcutter The Local Sewer
Giant Axe
Giant Axe ★★★ Evolve Woodcutter
Legendary Giant Axe
Legendary Giant Axe ★★★★ Evolve Giant Axe
Devil Axe
Devil Axe ★★★ Demon Lord Castle
Legendary Devil Axe
Legendary Devil Axe ★★★★ Evolve Devil Axe
Holy Night Axe
Holy Night Axe ★★★ Hungry Questers exclusive
Big Holy Axe
Big Holy Axe ★★★★ Evolve Holy Night Axe
Legendary Holy Axe
Legendary Holy Axe ★★★★★ Evolve Big Holy Axe

One-handed HammersEdit

Name Rarity Source
Iron Hammer
Iron Hammer Queen's Castle
Steel Hammer
Steel Hammer ★★ Nearby Mansion
Evolve Iron Hammer
Legendary Steel Hammer
Legendary Steel Hammer ★★★ Evolve Steel Hammer
Metal Bat
Metal Bat ★★ The Local Sewer
Legendary Metal Bat
Legendary Metal Bat ★★★ Evolve Metal Bat
Frozen Tuna
Frozen Tuna ★★★ Toilet Island
Legendary Frozen Tuna
Legendary Frozen Tuna ★★★★ Evolve Frozen Tuna
Thief Pipe
Thief Pipe ★★★ Chairman's Tower Boss
Legendary Thief Pipe
Legendary Thief Pipe ★★★★ Evolve Thief Pipe
Golden Gavel
Golden Gavel ★★★★ Golden Pyramid (1-20)
[Enemy] King Diamond Slime]]
Legendary Golden Bat
Legendary Golden Bat ★★★★★ Evolve Golden Gavel
Thunder Hammer
Thunder Hammer ★★★★ Golden Pyramid (21-30)
Legendary Thunder Hammer
Legendary Thunder Hammer ★★★★★ Evolve Thunder Hammer
Rock Hard Hammer
Rock Hard Hammer ★★★★ Golden Pyramid (Unbreakable Door)
Legendary Hard Hammer
Legendary Hard Hammer ★★★★★ Evolve Rock Hard Hammer
Holy Sake Bottle
Holy Sake Bottle ★★★ Bonefield
Hungry Questers
Legendary Sake Bottle
Legendary Sake Bottle ★★★★ Evolve Holy Sake Bottle
Golf Club
Golf Club ★★★ Yamada Autumn Cup
Legendary Golf Club
Legendary Golf Club ★★★★ Evolve Golf Club
Pro Golf Club Alpha
Pro Golf Club Alpha ★★★ Hungry Questers exclusive
Pro Golf Club Beta
Pro Golf Club Beta ★★★★ Evolve Pro Golf Club Alpha
Legendary Pro Golf Club Epsilon
Legendary Pro Golf Club ∑ ★★★★★ Evolve Pro Golf Club Beta
Picopico Hammer
Picopico Hammer ★★★ Hungry Questers exclusive
10-ton Hammer
10-ton Hammer ★★★★ Evolve Picopico Hammer
100-ton Hammer
Legendary 100-ton Hammer ★★★★★ Evolve 10-ton Hammer

Two-handed HammersEdit

Name Rarity Source
Gobhammer ★★★ Hungry Questers exclusive
Gobgobhammer ★★★★ Evolve Gobhammer
Legendary Gobgobhammer
Legendary Gobgobhammer ★★★★★ Evolve Gobgobhammer


Name Rarity Source
Beast Whip
Beast Whip ★★ Corpsewoods
Queens Whip
Queen's Whip ★★★ Evolve Beast Whip
Queen's Castle Boss
Legendary Queen Whip
Legendary Queen Whip ★★★★ Evolve Queen's Whip
Treasure Whip
Treasure Whip ★★★ Royal Rat Trove
Legendary Treasure Whip
Legendary Treasure Whip ★★★★ Evolve Treasure Whip
Urashima Pole
Urashima Pole ★★★★ Turtle Badges700, 900
Legendary Urashima Pole
Legendary Urashima Pole ★★★★★ Evolve Urashima Pole
Dragonbeard ★★★ Hungry Questers exclusive
God Dragon Beard
God Dragon Beard ★★★★ Evolve Dragonbeard
Legendary Dragonbeard
Legendary Dragonbeard ★★★★★ Evolve God Dragon Beard


Name Rarity Source
Turd Staff
Turd Staff ★★ Fungus Forest
Big Turd Staff
Big Turd Staff ★★★ Evolve Turd Staff
Legendary Turd Staff
Legendary Turd Staff ★★★★ Evolve Big Turd Staff
Purification Stick
Purification Stick ★★★ Golden Pyramid (Ancient Swordsman's Door)
Legendary Purification Stick
Legendary Purification Stick ★★★★ Evolve Purification Stick
Reimus Stick
Reimu's Stick ★★★★ Danmaku Castle
Reimus Legendary Stick
Reimu's Legendary Stick ★★★★★ Evolve Reimu's Stick
Bent Staff
Bent Staff ★★ Nearby Mansion
Magic Staff
Magic Staff ★★★ Evolve Bent Staff
Demon Lord Rod
Demon Lord Rod ★★★★ [Gold Trophy]Demon Lord Castle
Demon Lord Castle Boss
Evolve Magic Staff
Legendary Demon Lord Rod
Legendary Demon Lord Rod ★★★★★ Evolve Demon Lord Rod
Rod of Light
Rod of Light ★★★ House of Dolls
Aja's Tower
Legendary Rod of Light
Legendary Rod of Light ★★★★ Evolve Rod of Light
Broken Scepter
Broken Scepter ★★★ Legendary Dragonkeep
King Yamadas Scepter
King Yamada's Scepter ★★★★ Evolve Broken Scepter
Legendary King Yamadas Scepter
Legendary King Yamada's Scepter ★★★★★ Evolve King Yamada's Scepter
Graveyard King Rod
Graveyard King Rod ★★★★ Golden Pyramid
Legendary Graveyard King Rod
Legendary Graveyard King Rod ★★★★★ Evolve Legendary Graveyard King Rod
Mechamechas Stick
Mechamecha's Stick ★★★ Golden Pyramid (Great King's Door)]]
Legendary Mechamecha Stick
Legendary Mechamecha Stick ★★★★ Evolve Mechamecha's Stick
Galactic Baton
Galactic Baton ★★★★ Maestro Nobiyo's Farm
Legendary Galactic Baton
Legendary Galactic Baton ★★★★★ Evolve Galactic Baton
Holy Spoon
Holy Spoon ★★★ Golden Pyramid (Ultra-Spicy Door)
Legendary Holy Spoon
Legendary Holy Spoon ★★★★ Evolve Holy Spoon
Back Scratcher
Back Scratcher ★★★ Turtle Badges10, 100
Legendary Scratcher
Legendary Scratcher ★★★★ Evolve Back Scratcher
Nice Stick
Nice Stick ★★★★ Hungry Questers (During Event)]]
Invincistick ★★★★ Evolve Nice Stick
Legendary Invincistick
Legendary Invincistick ★★★★★ Evolve Invincistick
Magical Broom
Magical Broom ★★★★ Rare Item Shop
Legendary Magical Broom
Legendary Magical Broom ★★★★★ Evolve Magical Broom
Supopon Staff
Supopon Staff ★★★★ Fort Supopon
Legendary Supopon Staff
Legendary Supopon Staff ★★★★★ Evolve Supopon Staff


Name Rarity Source
Iron Claw
Iron Claw Fungus Forest
Cat Claws
Cat Claws ★★★ Chateau Felin
Evolve Rapier
Legendary Cat Claw
Legendary Cat Claw ★★★★ Evolve Cats Claws
Poison Killer
Poison Killer ★★★ Hungry Questers exclusive
Venom Killer
Venom Killer ★★★★ Evolve Poison Killer
Legendary Venom Killer
Legendary Venom Killer ★★★★★ Evolve Venom Killer


Name Rarity Source
Iron Frying Pan
Iron Frying Pan Yamada the Wanderer
Hot Frying Pan
Hot Frying Pan ★★ Evolve Iron Frying Pan
Legendary Hot Frying Pan
Legendary Hot Frying Pan ★★★ Evolve Hot Frying Pan
Cool Fan
Cool Fan ★★★★ Golden Pyramid (Ghost Queen's Door)
Legendary Fan
Legendary Fan ★★★★★ Evolve Cool Fan
Grass Scythe
Grass Scythe ★★ Queen's Castle
Wind Scythe
Wind Scythe ★★★ Demon Lord Castle
Evolve Grass Scythe
Legendary Wind Scythe
Legendary Wind Scythe ★★★★ Evolve Wind Scythe
Holy Book
Holy Book ★★ Yamada Underground
Book of Revelations
Book of Revelations ★★★ Evolve Holy Book
House of DollsBoss
Legendary Revelations
Legendary Revelations ★★★★ Evolve Book of Revelations
Fly Swatter
Fly Swatter ★★★ Queen's Castle
Merchant AjaLoot
Legendary Fly Swatter
Legendary Fly Swatter ★★★★ Evolve Fly Swatter
Silver Candelabra
Silver Candelabra ★★ Ghost House
Santa Flophouse
Legendary Candelabra
Legendary Candelabra ★★★ Evolve Silver Candelabra
God Hand
God Hand ★★★★ Hungry Questers exclusive
Legendary God Hand
Legendary God Hand ★★★★★ Evolve God Hand
Directors Clapboard
Director's Clapboard ★★★★ Hungry Questers exclusive
Legendary Directors Clapboard
Legendary Director's Clapboard ★★★★★ Evolve Director's Clapboard